How To Day Trade Stocks | $4000 Profit Trading Live

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Danny Villamar says:

Love how despite other YouTubers complaining about the market, this dude just finds opportunities and understands that the market does what it does. It's up to you to find and execute on the opportunity… Amazing

Autino Vicente says:

that last lost should have been a learning point. You kept pushing while you said it was struggling and saw the prices go against you. Well I learned from it so thank you. I will not hold with hope like you do ever. I will react with my gut feelings fused with how the market is doing at the moment. Because if you did that you would've gained a cool profit but you doubted But I wonder if in the longterm its more beneficial to stick with that type of trading to make that extra 20-30 bucks. vs taking a 100 dollar lost

76ers says:

7:50 – You're "Watching Netflix"? Which show are you watching? lol
Excellent video man!

Jim says:

When do you know to go long or short? Nice trade on PBYI.

D V says:

how did you find PBYI?

Houston Cranford says:

Beauty trade bro!!

RagingDragon says:

Probably the only YouTube Trader that made profit today. 👍

Soikot Hassan says:

PBYI, as it was going down and you were making money? Im confused, is it some kind of option trading thing? Could someone please explain. Thank you.

chris smith says:

Well done Conner

TradingMonkey says:

Great trading!

Music Charts Now! says:

I really appreciate watching you in action Conner…great trades today.

Moti Basat says:


I enjoy watching your trades.

I connected with the Interactive Broker software What do you say about the software and their performance?

I have the TOS, so I also use their graphs but not dealer ways.

I think to combine the charts in the TOS for execution and instructions on the Interactive.

I'd love to hear your opinion.

Aroundtheworld says:

to short you need 100 k with td maybe try suretrader idk

Hugh Sanders says:

I really like your live trade vids – what pointed at PBYI?


Nice amigo good trades

Dan Man says:

love your live trading videos. I like that you trade liquid and illiquid names

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