How To Day Trade Stocks For Beginners | Stock Runs 300%

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Cherif Aboubakar says:

Thank you you are the best

Martin Vasquez says:

Connor, do you have a video for a near high set up up scanner?

Thomas McCloughan says:

A very good educational video! Would like to know your high of day momentum scanner settings for Trade Ideas

Sky Dreams says:

Garbage analysis. Would have missed out on huge runs today with this analysis

WEareALLpatriots says:

very nice video

bernard b says:

I got so lucky this morning and found this. The profit today we're crazy. I bought it at like 2$ (i think, around that) and sold at its highest point

Miami King says:

A did exactly what you said. Saw it on your scannersDrew all the resistance lines. Even saw the second bull flag but didn’t jump in. I would have never foresaw it reach the 5.70 resistance. Is there any way to determine a jump like this in the future? Or is it pure luck? Can using MACD OR stochachastic help?

traderdoc says:


Jimmy Tineo says:

your Awesome Conner Thanks!

Mike Bromeo says:

Career profits, where you sitting at???

Robert L Treadway Jr says:

Michigan still has a football team? Who would've known. Never the less, you still are one of my top 3 mentors.

torreshondaguy says:

Awsome thanks man. I'm really thinking of investing in my education an really like your program thanks again

torreshondaguy says:

Hello I have to redo my tos platform I keep missing these runners. What signals would you use to enter stock like this I know 1 year chart, volume and news catalysts I miss the entry an end up taking loss on there low price stock

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