How to day trade the stock market

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Head Trader @fousalerts Big Mike details how to make $5k A week Day Trading the stock market using the FOUS4 strategy. Learn how with these 7 FREE VIDEO LESSONS


mrabrasive51 says:

buy low and sell high!!…your welcome!.class dismissed!

Cynthia Bernardo says:

I personally use

eddyvideostar says:

I agree with David G: People as this, with the polish and confidence which comes from their practice and concert pianist type of dedication to SELLING and presentation. He does look and sound good, but this is with many marketers who publish retro charts on YouTube — and everywhere else!

The whole aspect of trading is risk management. It is all risk. Many, or all authors teach about stops as their first segment. This is all well and good, because if you lined up all of the traders, educators and have them place an entry — they will be the first to relay back that they do not know FOR SURE where the stock is going — IN THE NEXT FIVE MINUTES OR BEYOND!

Felix Lanzalaco says:

the blah technique used is competent, but whether the rest of it is, who knows.

Wells Paul says:

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Sean Hoberts says:

For long serving strategy, I highly recommend Mr Bronislava Numan. His strategy works wonders. I made $4,000 in two weeks under his management. You can reach him at bronislavanuman @ gmail . com

Josh McWhorter says:

any free stock charting software you can recommend?

Day Trader Setups says:

If you don't want to trade penny stocks or trade smaller lots on bigger stock watch a few of our upcoming videos

Ryan Michaels says:

When you $5k what is that? 2% of your account? .5%??


paper account = virtual capital…. just screenshot then zoom in. 14 days virtual capital demo at speed Trader pro…. PLEASE DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE

tim robinson says:

Ugh. I wish they did another discount lol too late

Dimitrios Desmos says:

You look like someone i could trust. do you want to marry my daughter.

Red almujahid says:

I signed up for the alphascan and I never got an email from em. how long does it take for them to email me

Robert Wilkinson says:

This video was not very demonstrative of good teaching. Showing us your winning (only) previous trades, does not teach anything. Sorry, I'm out unless you can show me that you know how to teach!

George The Zebra says:

Everyone of these videos y'all are always trying to fuckin sell something. Can you just teach people how to trade with some basic techniques you use, without trying to center it around bullshit?

Carlos says:

the market is always hot if you know what your looking for.

Jan Gonzalez says:

I'm new to this. What do you use to trade? Or what site do you use to buy and trade? I have no clue

Casey Moss says:

I have a question! My name is Kc, I am 18. Where I am currently living I cant find a job anywhere close. The closest place i can get a job is 80 miles away. So i have to take what i can get. Over the last few months (about 4-5 months). I have only been able to save $160. Would that be enough to start trading?

JKJUNIOR95 says:

this is a fucking scam read books and get educated on the markets

Amal Jolly says:

I don't know anything about stocks and trading, are there any videos or books which i can use to kickstart. PLEASE HELP!

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