How to Day Trade Using Volume |

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See how volume can help avoid the pitfalls of false breakouts. Learn the 3 simple signals that can keep you on the right side of the market.

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KaptainBasketball says:

This helped a lot

Oliver Almedal says:

Why do you have to subscribe for a whole year? Can you make a month to month subscription?

Nelson Julian Jr. says:

The 20MA has to be above the price action . So its likely to continue the upside trend. Once the price action with red candle breaks below the 20MA is likely to reverse way downside… correct me guys if i got it wrong. Thank you.

Felix says:

its important to say that 90% of traders go long. So generally the more volume the more long biased. Also if a stock just for example bounced off its low and has a high volume bar but doesnt actually go far it means there is a lot of selling pressure from the bounce buyers.

ColinTrades says:

Awesome video this is motivating 🙂

Warrior Homestead says:

In the first example, there is the large green bars of volume indicating the price is about to go up. In the second example the large green bar of volume indicates the price is about to go down. I need help understanding this.

mike martin says:

Where can I find the amount of trades done for a stocks daily volume for the day? Is there a website or an app available for that?

Pradeep Krishna says:

absolutely eye opening advice . Thankful to you

Dominic Lee says:

for forex, it is not a good idea to use volume.

Walter Bocel says:

Wow, me lleve buena información !

Yoakim Hagarusi says:

Derek Fisher says:

What is a 20 period moving average?? You explained it as if its common knowledge already

Bull Bear says:

This is BS.
For instance, hedge fund manager have to long substantial amount of FB stock, do you think he will buy everything once. Of course, he will chop to several portion of order throughout the day.

Noel koh says:

I do not understand anything still….

Temp Email says:

I was fast forwarding thru this and I understood this. 😂

Andrew Dobson says:

I was going to buy the simulator until I realized that you charge yearly. Why wouldn't you give people the option to pay by month? Turned me off so much I don't even want to try the trial, in case you somehow charge me anyways.

Khondokar Rahman says:

always see right after it occurs (volume jump or breakout ) , how would I see its coming ? any tips will be greatly appreciated

force driven says:

Brilliant video!


Mina Dimyan says:

Are those daily or hourly bars?

balaji dance says:

I am in India bro……. thank you for your video

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