How To Deal With Your Emotions When Trading Stocks

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Joseph Maiorana says:

hey ricky, do you actually use MACD while trading? Would you say it is a primary tool for you or maybe only in certain situations?

Wyatt says:

I made a bit of money off XNET but then sold to early. LOL still learning.

Yo Stop says:

Damn JDST and DSLV plummeted Today

1yerdy says:

When you were showing the chart for DGAZ at 180 days, you mentioned that it needed to go above the 180 EMA which you showed as the light blue line. However, when I look above the chart at the settings for the EMA, it says "close,15,0,no". Are those the proper settings for the 180 EMA? Thanks.

ROCKY_ MUA vlogs says:

Love that you are doing stocks on youtube! Learning so much

PrettyPink MMA says:

I was so triggered when i went from like +3% to -4% overnight with JDST. However i kept cool and worked to regain the loss and pull myself back into the green for the week even if it was only 0.5% gain this week.

Regan Medel says:

Ricky what is that program that you are using in your everyday live stream to see the resistance and support of stocks? Please answer thanks

Andy Wafflez says:

Ty broh I needed dis , but please make more !!!

Efrain Tavera says:

Is that a website he is on or a program?

mike menard says:

Do you use an Excel file or different way to organize your net profit etc?

Isaac Gonzales says:

Ricky, honestly you have been a wealth of knowledge, and I still have not taken your course. But I am. Thank you for all the time and effort! I have always wanted to learn this type of investing.

Adonys Flores says:

“Christian, we are talking about stocks…” killed me lol. Don’t be a Christian.

mo Munny says:

Good video on emotions.
This is a little off topic but I wanted to share something that I'm not hearing expressed. That being the focus on following the general markets, ie S&P 500, DJI. Today the markets are off to the races in a power trend up. By keeping a list of the key stocks that have to be bought or sold in such a market you could capitalize on the move. Ask yourself what do the Institutions have to buy or sell on a day like this? So go thru a watchlist of these stocks and find the best patterns that iare ready to break a S&R level or one that is running up on your 180 day chart. Keep an eye on the bid ask levels to see what the institutions are bidding up. Then try to take a piece of the move as long as the general index is climbing. DGAZ has a pattern of interest but isn't part of what is happening today. So now an hour and a half into the markets we have had a nice move DJI up 200 S&P 500 up 15.00 there were profits to be had. This may be all we get but it was there. So what to focus on? Keep a list also of the stock categories Financials, Retail, Gold and Silver, Tech, Banks, healthcare, Oil, etc. Focus on picking a stock from the best % uptrending group. There is something here in this, anyway I wanted to share it with you if you haven't already talked about it in your group. Follow the money. And as always take profits and don't hold too long or get delusional.

Mr. Boom says:

Thank you Ricky for the time you put in this bro, yea you make money from likes and views and what not, but the info and effort is Real. It's helped me and my Family Fast the way you teach to fish 😉

Sesamestreet9080 says:

Wow you grew so fast. I remember when your channel was 5 000 subs

Randolph Littles says:

My first live stream. Great topic!!!!

Cesar Galeana says:

What up ricky

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