How To Differentiate Between The Best Penny Stocks To Trade

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Treat trading like a business, form a hypothesis and plan using reliable catalysts/strategies and considering technical support & resistance on EVERY trade…we’re just like scientists who form a hypothesis and then must continually test and adapt! Less than 2 weeks from are you prepared?


joncollie1 says:

What software is that?

mandogonzalez39 says:

Hey t ik m what laptop do u recommend for penny stock tradding? also what paper trading for smart phone app do u recommend, Ima sing up for ur silver plan brother, thank you keep up the good work, hope to get a answer back!!

Kevin Garlepp says:

how do you know you have found a billionaire play? the news?

Snap Snap says:

Tim what program do you use for stock chart? I want it right now.

Rene Mauricio Bermudez says:

Another Gen of a video. Thank G_D for you bro.

Bill Tornade says:

Hi Tim, great stuff, as usual. What platform & broker are you currently using with your small account for this year?

mag3690 says:

hey tim, the audio feels like ur far from the mic

Colton Cowan says:

You gonna trade VRNG tomorrow morning! ?

mah6922 says:

you always say you don't care about earning calendars, but how do you want to have the stock in you watchlist if you don't know it's announcing earnings? wouldn't you benefit from knowing that it's announcing earning, wait for the reaction to earning and trade accordingly?

smack93 says:

im waiting for your reply///

smack93 says:

tim, can you please explain US ::::WHO's been trading for over five years and knows the how the stock market works….HOW DOES YOUR STOCKS2TRADE SPOTS IT EARLY???HOW???Please tell us

Noah Giles says:

I bought 200 share of prgn at 1.51 and sold at 1.83 thanks Tim for inspiring me.

Wcoastmower says:

Thanks Tim. I watch these tech videos a couple of times to get the little things. I'm still paper trading because I'm still getting in closer to the to of the trade. I'm still trying to understand the candle stick charts and not look at only at the last ten min chart. Do you use candle stick math? Thanks again.

LJ says:

What virtual stock trading websites do you recommend because a lot of the ones i find do not allow you to short sell stocks under $5 and i miss out on seeing how well i would have done

Matt Orourke says:

what causes a stock to go up? is it as simple as more people buying than selling..?

Michael Wlosik says:

That virtual trading floor should help out a lot of new members

Sniper Trader says:

good lesson bro!  Plan your trade, trade your plan …..     another lesson you pointed out is simply pulling out another tool from the toolbox when one dosent work!

justin morgan says:

great FREE video lesson once again thanks a lot tim!

Zaid Alchalabi says:

tim, do you have solution for unsettled cash?
i use usually 80% of my buying power to grow my account but it takes 3 days for cash to settle and i can use it again in Etrade
is there another broker you can use it again immedietly or all of them the same ?
thanks time. you are the man

frageater16 says:

This video was very helpful! Learned alot! I'm trying to gather around 1000 dollars by doing some stupid student jobs and after my finals I will definitly trade pennystocks. Thanks Tim!

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