How To Dip Buy Morning Panics From Guatemala

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Memorize the morning panic pattern as it happens again and again and again! You can profit from it no matter where you are in the world if you are prepared!

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This was my watch list on Friday. So it all starts with preparation. So Friday morning, I put out a pre-market watch list. Today’s Monday. I already put out the pre-market watch list, just with stocks that I might trade, and in the bottom here I said, TCS, LUNA.

TCS, LUNA, AUDC, are the top three earnings winners I’m watching for potential dip buys. None of them are volatile enough for me, so I don’t want to chase any of them. I’ll wait for panics to dip buy into, ideally morning panics like this classic pattern. So these were three earnings winners.

I wait for these kinds of morning panics. They do happen every now They do happen every now and then. So you wait for this kind of opportunity. They don’t happen every day. They don’t happen every minute. They don’t happen every hour. So you have to wait. You have to have patience because when this kind of panic happens, this is one of the beauties of low-priced stock trading.

So here was LUNA. Nice, nice breakout over the 100-day chart. Nice, nice breakout on the 200-day chart. Nice, nice breakout on the two-year chart. So it’s fantastic.

I specifically said I’ll wait for the dip, and that is exactly what we got. This happens sometimes with low-priced stocks. When they sell off, when they’re a little overextended, you have stop losses that get taken out, again and again, and again. So when it dropped, okay, it’s overextended after the earnings win from 350 up to 430.

That’s a big move for this kind of stock, but here is the opportunity. When you have this big drop. This was all in like two or three minutes. You had to be fast. I actually only got a partial execution on my buy, but I was prepared because of my watch list. I was prepared because of my experience, and I was ready to strike if and when the stock and the pattern came to me.

That is what I try to teach. So I was waiting for my shot. I don’t think I’ve traded in like two days. Anyways, we got this nice little panic from 390 all the way down to 315. I mean, it was like that. I didn’t get executed. I didn’t even have my trading software open at 315 or 320. I wasn’t fully prepared. That was my mistake, but I did get executed here.

You just have to be prepared every day. I understand some people can’t be prepared. You have jobs, you have school, you have a life. Get this. Anyways, this is my life, and this is how I got here over 20 years. Good plays like this, over and over and over again, and if you do dip buy a stock, guess what? And it doesn’t bounce, you cut losses. You exit for a small profit, or sometimes even unchanged, but you gotta wait for good plays like this. I’m going to go in the chatroom. I’m going to publish this. Watch this video lesson a few times. Leave a comment underneath this video if you like longer, more detailed videos like this.

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My town that I live in does not have a city or County homeless Shelter, when we have bad weather, the county commissioners open up a couple of schools for refuge, but the rest of the time , nothing is available.

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Great video with charities info. BTW nice location and view. Surely pleasure to trade there. Agree with strategy. Actually I call mine ´Sniper Trading strategy´ it means you wait wait and wait until you are ready for the right shot. Then you strike. Sometimes waiting the whole day… Que tengas mucha suerte 😉 GL

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Which pattern would be best to learn first?

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video starts at 7:25

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Where would you stop out on a trade like this one if it ended up dropping more? Would it be support levels or a certain dollar amount?

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