How To Dip Buy The Best Penny Stock Panics

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Being self-sufficient is key to finding consistency in the markets. That’s exactly why I want you to learn this pattern. Watch this video to find out which pattern can help you be a self-sufficient trader. I LOVE this pattern — here’s why.

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I hope everyone is having a good day and staying safe…

Today, I wanna talk to you about my favorite pattern. This setup can work really well for small accounts.

So, instead of trying to chase morning spikes, pumps, or alerts from other people — you just gotta pay attention to this one setup.

That way, you can be prepared. And all you have to do is wait for this setup.

Watch this video to learn all about the morning panic pattern. Once you learn this pattern, I bet it’ll end up being your favorite too.

And just to show you guys how much I think it’ll help you … I’m giving a webinar at no cost to you. Morning panics are the star of the show. So, check out the links above to RSVP!

You must be wondering why I’m promoting this pattern so passionately. It’s because I think it can help you become self-sufficient — more so than any other pattern.

Imagine if there were no chat rooms, no alerts, and no one to help you — would you succeed in this niche?

Mastering the morning panic pattern can help you get to that level of independence. And that’s my ultimate goal for all of you.

Many traders forget that trading is a competition. Don’t fall into the trap that you should always trade in a group or always consult a friend while trading. My Challenge chat room and my lessons are more like training wheels…

In the long run, you have to equip yourself with the right knowledge. You have to strive to become a better trader than everyone else — even me.

If you recognize this pattern’s potential, leave a comment below and say, “I want to be a self-sufficient trader!”

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Timothy Sykes says:

🔴 FREE Webinar On My Favorite Pattern:

If you recognize this pattern’s potential, leave a comment below and say, “I want to be a self-sufficient trader!”

Jack Adamski says:

I want to be a self-sufficient trader! Now and in the future Tim.

b757cb1 says:

I’d love to make 10-20% consistently in an hour! Lol

Kaye DeLeon says:

I love making 50% in an hour or less! Thanks for giving back !

garbagio says:

Tim, I took your advice and bought StocksToTrade. Really enjoy it, especially the Oracle feature. My question with Oracle is…if you're trying to BUY do you wait until a stock breaks resistance or once it hit's signal price? Bought at signal on two stocks today and took a small loss.

Khoa Ngo says:

Thank you, sir.
Please tell me what stock chart that you use in the video.

Stock Trading Tickers says:

Took me sometime to figure out my trading style, but in summary finding morning panics is my go-to pattern at market open!

Eileen Patterson says:

Yes! I love making 50% in an hour or less.

Got Milk says:

Studied you and your many series for years and still scared on Dips! Gotta get over it.

Trevor Jarvis says:

I love Making 50%!!

geo man says:

hey tim killer vid. tried to get in tlss–wish i`d still held on to it from 2 weeks ago at the high 1`s and 2`s after the alret in chat a few weeks ago but with a miss is always another play–nailed VUZI only 30 shared at 2.85 to 3.06!!!wish i had more to play with but i`m building up my account and singles turn into a homerun over time!!thank you brother for drilling it into my head that there is always another play!!!you are the man!!

Joseph Balliro says:

ill be tuning in may 27th

Joseph Balliro says:

teaching is very noble god bless you tim sykes

pic&vid kal says:

Hey Tim, I already bought the book and I am currently reading it, I just finish the definition chapter. I am not sure whether I a ready or not. should I finish the book first or join immediately because i don't wanna miss the opportunity.

Joseph Balliro says:

kiss the day goodbye and point me toward tim sykes

Maurion says:

I love making 50% in an hour or less

Tremaine Releford says:

I love making 50% in a hour or less🚀

Ishan Plays says:

I’d love to make 50% in less than an hour.!!!!!

Patel Param says:

I m a student and i need to pay my fees in sept. 10000$, i have 3000 savings and want to take them to next level,, i want to do daily trading, which app to use for it, i m currently using wealth simple but it does very slow transactions. Please reply sir

Corinthian says:

Signed up to the webinar Tim. Appreciate all the lessons and knowledge.

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