How to do 100% safe and guaranteed profit trading stock and stock future

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Discipline and consistency will make money for you.

Risk Less Trade: Stock and Stock Future
 100 % safe and approx 8-30% monthly return
 No Intraday Please | Position need to carry overnight
 Psychological game
 Need to do same practice minimum 1 to maximum 3 months with same scripts
 Discipline and consistency will matter only
 Doesn’t matter where is market going what is market saying
 Market Entry Time : 3.25 | Stock / Lot Buy Time As close to market close time or any lowest price is last 5 min | Time frame 1 min to check candle
 Exit Time: Open your terminal at 9 AM check and place sell order at market price
 Just a market will start: your sell order will be executed and you will come out either will profit or loss.
 Then go for your daily job or business or whatsoever
 Capital: 1.2 L will be a good amount, 4 Lakhs will be the best amount
 Choose only quality nifty stocks
 Now back best session
Formula: Today’s Open-Last day Close * Lot size or no of stocks
Amit: 9792462221
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Matthew Tolentino says:

Cheers for this, been searching for "stock demo account trading" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Ellieton Tradify Bulldozer – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my colleague got cool success with it.

Intraday Trading says:

My Intraday Profit 2.28 lacs

Ali mon says:

Sir i am following your strategy, but how to manage the slippage?
cos the LTP @03;30 and nse close price is always different.

Mehmood Ahmed says:

Excellent Amit..Very well explained.. Can we try with 2 lots of futures using same technique.

Kamlesh Gorasiya says:

sir isme compounding lot karate jaye to kai sa rahega

yuvi Shinde says:

sirji stoploss nahi rakhna kya .

Jignesh Shah says:

This was possible as market was in bull phase. If market is in down trend I dont think this can work. Comment please

Nel Nemaria says:

Thanks for the Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you thought about – Chiveard Doubled Money Framework (do a google search)? It is a great one off guide for understanding high frequency stock trading minus the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my close friend Aubrey at last got amazing results with it.

Amit Ray says:

jitna excel sheet may dikha raha hay utna may sell nahi hota

Suraj Pandey says:

It's a double <"_">

naeem noorsumar says:

In opening price no body gets to sell.. Paper trading its good but practically not possible

naeem noorsumar says:

Sir market is gaining since last 3-6 months that's why giving good returns but I request u to back test this method in last 10 years years.. I m sure the result will be different and not so good. If market goes down than this strategy will not work that's for sure.

vighnesh m says:

really am not understanding.. your buying price is in futures and selling in equity… MoM u will end up in losses .. I checked historical data but it's not working.. let me know if am wrong


hi Amit…
for this particular technique if market open with loss then should we wait for the market to give us little profit on the price we bought previous day. or we should only square off as soon as the market open despite of loss.

from where I can get the price of future lots. ? help me with that as well. thank you

Karli Omprakash says:

we are in bull market so this is the result.
will u do reverse that is sell at 3.25pm today and next buy at9 am in the bear market.
very good approach but always verify bull or bear pattern in the long run.
hats off.

Yogi Shetty says:

I am a salaried person and also doing small amount of intraday trading whenever i am free. Do i have to file a separate IT returns other than the one that i am filling for my salary if i am doing intraday trading.


aap ke is stretegy se muze isi type ki ek aur stretegy mind me aayi and mai back test b kiya jisse bhot hi jyada profit ho rha h future me but m is stretegy par abhi kaam krna start nhinkiya hu. pahle mai kuch aur stock par back test krlu then i will tred.mai is stretegy ko aapse share krunga plz.. is stretegy par ek video jarur bnana


wow very nice stretegy thankss amit sir. but ek chij h aap jo value liye ho vo cash ka hai but future k price me to diffrence hota hai, to isme profit hoga and agr hoga to kaise hoga??? plz… reply

Arup Das says:

this strategy will work only in a bull phase

arkya gorai says:

sir what is mean by 9am just after or just before9 am.can i put this offline market order at 8.30am.pls reply.

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