How To Eliminate Emotion While Trading Stocks

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Victoria Kent says:

Unless you're genetically Jewish. $1 gets emotional.

Eva Ng says:

Truth! Risk management a must and take smaller position sizes.

John Peters says:

Very, very good content. Great advice

Ian Dooda says:

It’s not about number of shares or position size. It’s about how much you’re risking in a trade.

Ian Dooda says:

You could have gotten to the point much sooner

Anthony Bordignon says:

I love this channel.

liangQ1 says:

Thanks brother

Dean Mikan says:

This is actually a very smart tip. Just found your channel and love your videos already!

jeffleecpa says:

thanks for all the great videos. The dollar amount like you say for sure…. but also Personally for me….( just confessing what can affect my own personal emotions) is also the volatility and rates of change in a market position = how fast and hard the market moves…. I give you thumbs up.

wesley strawn says:

I mean, yeezys are yeezys right……?

Kevin Rodriguez says:

Incredible video. 10/10 from me men.

Jr Silva says:

This is gold

JORLANDO93 says:

I’m over here rollin off this emotional trader!! ???

jomar sarmiento says:

Hahaha! Super relatable and accurate XD

Attallah Munroe says:

I Needed this. Respect Due.

Gideon says:

Seriously thought you were filming me at the beginning.

Sandy Manhas says:

@11:55, the best advice and insight any trader should take to heart! You kill it Conner, you speak the truth about greed and fear and put it into a perspective that everybody can relate too!
betcha by end of this year your subscribers will double!! Love your humour and creativity, keep it up, it will set you apart from the herd!!!

Pablo Velez says:

Hahahah hahahahaha so funny !!!

Reyah D says:

Happened to me today

Veniamin Timofey says:

Good traders learn that it's OK to feel uncomfortable

that was an Interesting quote from a vid I saw awhile back when I first started.
Minimal Risk – Minimal Reward, but small growth will compound!
God bless

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