How To Find Patterns To Trade Stocks

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If you know me at all, you know I love patterns. I use them to my advantage.** I definitely have my favorite patterns. But I’m always looking for new ones. Here’s how you can apply a little science in your trading and learn to ADAPT!

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If you know me, you know I love patterns. I profit more often than not from predictable patterns.** Dip buying, morning panics on recent supernovas, shorting the first red day on recent pump and dumps, and buying the first green day — these are some of my favorite patterns.

But how do you actually find these patterns?

My most comprehensive guide is called “How to Make Millions.” It’s 35 hours long, discusses my favorite patterns, and so much more.

It all comes down to these patterns. Even though these are my favorite patterns, I’m always looking for new patterns. Even if I don’t actually trade a stock, I’m always forming a thesis.

So how do you actually find new patterns?

Think of yourself as a scientist. You’re researching all of this data and forming a thesis. Even if you find one great pattern that works, that’s no reason to stop looking for other patterns. The key is adapting. And ideally, you’ll have two or three go-to patterns.

I’ve adapted my strategy many times over the years.

And as I adapt, I test with a small amount of money. That’s essential. Even if you have a pattern that makes a lot of money, always test.

Either paper trade it or trade it with a small position — see how you do. The StockstoTrade software has a paper trading feature so you can trade stocks without risking real money. It’s a great way to practice and test different strategies and patterns. You want to form a thesis and watch for the pattern to occur again.

Also, keep meticulous records of your research. Always focus on how you can improve. What can you learn?

And you don’t have to trade big or buy a thousand shares. Learn to modulate your position size. Test different patterns. Maybe you don’t like reverse splits or you want to get into short selling.

That’s today’s lesson: Think like a scientist. Learn patterns, always adapt, and never surrender. Never be content with just one pattern.

What’s your favorite pattern to trade and how did you discover it? Leave a comment below and tell me!

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