How To Find Penny Stocks Before They Spike in 2018 | Step By Step

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How To Find Penny Stocks Before They Spike in 2018
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This video breaks down step by step exactly how to find penny stocks before they spike! This pattern is happening EVERY day now in early 2018 with the January Effect causing lots of these stocks to run!

Be sure to watch the entire video so you can learn step by step exactly how my students and I find all of the hottest spikes every day!


Mike Peters says:

I subscribed, lets see how this works out.

Melbourne Shorts says:

Just found you. Great tips. Thanks buddy

Hyder deadlychaser says:

Just started watching your videos! Great help!

rotexman84 says:

awesome job.

Faith Ward says:

Another great and informative video

Kinzo Jones says:

I see TradeBuddy Silver went up in price, is that because of the live trading screen share?

Kinzo Jones says:

Kool Dude!!

sheikh ceesay says:

Is really hard to catch these before they spike for the simple fact that most of them spike before pre market.

Giancarlo D says:

do you have a metrics of your success rate on gains and returns?

husssein says:

hi, one question: is there like a story of how you started trading that includes the timelines and achievements of trading thnx. email:

Robert Watts says:

I know you like trade ideas when the markets open for their alerts. Does equity feed have a similar scanner for alerts. Also which video shows you setting up the equity feed scanners for otc not the video with you setting up nasdaqs. Thanks again Tony……

nicolas mulozi says:

Very educational!

James Ross says:

just subscibed. great videos. Thanks…

Shad Giordano says:

Thank you Tony!

Mr Gunslinger says:

Go go gadgets!

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Hey man, just discovered your channel. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

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Jimmy Mitchell says:

going to see if i can find a hot one

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