How to find PUMP and DUMP Penny Stocks ? (HINDI)

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How to find PUMP and DUMP Penny Stocks is a bit tricky question as such stocks are normally confused with the multibagger stocks. PUMP and DUMP Penny Stocks are normally very low volume stocks with very low market capitalization. PUMP and DUMP Penny Stocks are identified by the manipulator or promoters to exit their position at a higher price or to make a profit in the stock market.

The manipulator will start buying the stock and due to low volume, the stock price will increase sharply. After that this stock will be marketed as the multibagger stocks through social media, press releases, case study or through 3rd party agencies.

As an investor, i will not have any reason to buy such stocks. it is only the FOMO i.e. fear of missing out will force the retail investors to invest in such stocks. After the pump i.e. increasing the stock price, the manipulators will start dumping the stock thus retail investor will be trapped and the stock will hit lower circuits consequentially.

How to find PUMP and DUMP Penny Stocks?
1. Check the long period chart say 1 year and also check the volumes.
2. Check any fake positive news to improve sentiments.
3. You will be promised big profit
4. These are penny stocks
5. These stock trade in a narrow range for long period.
6. It might be a hostile takeover.
7. Stick to your stock selection criterion.

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Nitin Bhatia says:

?? Stock Manipulation – How to Identify?

Yogesh Kulkarni says:

Thanks Sar pumping damping jankari deneke liy kash y video my pahele dekha hota to mera nuksan nahi hota thanks

Samiir Virali says:

every day i am l am learning from you

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Prasad PRASAD says:

You are trying to help retailer investors by providing the knowledge of the frauds prevailing the markets.. Doing a great job… May God bless you..

Amit Vandra says:

can i have your contact details please ?

Sekh Fakrul Islam says:

Bilkul sahi ahsa mere shat bhi hua hai

Ramanand Pareek says:

steel exchange was a Pump n Dump stock where many new traders got stuck like me.

Kesavan CR says:

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Kesavan CR says:

Good morning. I am also a person who lost more than 10 lakhs in these penny stocks. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable information sirji.


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sagar vidzone says:

You are right sir. मै भी ट्रेडिंग शुरुआत के पहले महीने में ही पंप और डंप में फसा था और पूरी पूँजी गँवा बैठा था और स्टॉक ही बैन हो गया

MME says:

sir why don't you trade on options spreads ,iron condors …etc…?

Ashitosh Holkar says:

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Good information sir.

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real truth revealed…!
Thank you Nitinji.

Nilesh says:

Thanks Man you are GREAT and HONEST person! I respect you with Manish Pabrai, Warren and Charlie.

Nilesh says:

How to Identify Speculative news? any reliable source like getting it from direct company? Do pumping happened with Block deal or Bulk deal?

B.D. B says:

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