How To Find The Best Penny Stocks In 15 Mins | Day Trader

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ayanda simelane says:

can u make a vid on how you did the tech analysis to get those choices you made.

Brandon Reser says:

What if we don't own a computer?

Troy Niquette says:

could you go over the math on the 2.3 or so compounding interest on 3 out of 5 trades per week again. I understand the equation however is that with putting 100% equity or the account in each of the three trades or overall?

Just Games says:

Hi I'm new here but I would like to start investing while I'm young. Just would like to ask what is the app you use to show the previous stock market lines/graph ? also may I join the group because I don't know how.

JeffreyQProductions says:

Ricky, can you go over "level 2" technical analysis and why it's important? I keep hearing that term and have no idea what it means or entails. I'm new to trading but have done a lot of research on the topic, but like someone who's already experienced to give me their take on something so I can process the info with some context.

SH Performance says:

Hey could you add me to the group? I requested entry a couple hours ago, and can't wait to get started! Love the videos!!!

Rohit says:

Thankyou very much , from INDIA

James St.Louis says:

Many folks use finviz… can you show screening parameters (fundamental, technical…) that you use to find stocks for the day? Thanks

denjo lim says:

thanks bro! your videos are always informative

hweenmask says:

didnt really explain HOW to find hot penny stocks, more like WHY you would pick those. the reasons and analysis make sense, but HOW do you actually stumble accross these stocks in first place? there are over thousands of penny stocks in the market, so HOW do you go about narrowing it to 6 stocks in 15 minutes?

Jonny Munro says:

Thanks Ricky!


I LOVE your channel Ricky G. AUPH has been so kind to me. I got in at 3.25, it's at 7.24 right now. I just didnt buy enough. That 2.33% is attainable, but the fees being charged eat into that a LOT. you lose $10 to $20 per trade in and out so I'm trying to use TOS and play in Robinhood. Can you make a video of you trading live for the first hour?

Zach E says:

Ricky, can you share your scanner setup for the Day and Swing watch lists? I have watched the video that you had a guest do, but have not seen how you look for the stocks that we would do this analysis on.

911adt says:

was it just me or was this video really choppy for anyone else?

Haamess says:

Thank you Ricky!

John Hornbarger says:

When Ricky is showing us his trades, what platform is he using?

D'Angelo Smith says:

Ricky, which do you use more; Fidelity or thinkorswim ?

Romanica Essence says:

Would I be able to message you directly to get a better understanding about stock, bonds, and investments..or you have links about all these catergories.

cameron crofford says:

you need a better camera yo, you cut in and out

Shawn Doherty says:

Great Vid Ricky!! Thanks again for taking the time to explain your strategies….

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