How to Find the BEST Plays Overnight | Penny Stock Trading Strategies

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0:10 What is the best way to find overnight plays.

1:00 I prefer overnight trading because I can time a stock based on what I think it’s going to do the next day. So I might buy a stock at 3:50 or 3:45 PM Eastern and the goal is to hold it overnight and sell it the next day into a gap up or a morning spike.

1:30 I always look for the biggest percent gainers every single day. I do it pre-market, I do it mid-day, and Iyou should do it before the market close. Three times a day minimum.

1:45 Some people ask me,are like Tim, why are you always talking about the biggest movers from the previous day? I want to worry about the future. The last trading day is linked to the future.

2:15 Look for the big percent gainers, then look at the news. Is the stock up because it got mentioned on CNBC?

2:35 A small penny stock partnering with a big company or maybe a GE or Bank of America that can have legs.

3:30 I’ve shorted stocks with the goal of covering the next morning into a morning panic and the SEC has halted the stock overnight because it’s a pump and dump.

3:45 You have to think about: What is the risk of holding a stock overnight? Which news has legs to push a stuck up and what kind of news has risks of pushing the stock down?

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Michele B Combs says:

How do I get started?

yakety Caro says:

its been years that im watching this guys youtube videos and he is always repeating the same BS, he only wants to attract new subscribers

Eduardo Ferreira says:

When holding overnight do you guys continue to follow the stock ? Do you recommend an alert system so you are updated in real time of any new news related to that stock at the after hours period? Tks

asdfasdfsafdsfasdf says:

nah this doesn't work Tim. Been looking for these the last 3 months and typically these move and all the meat off the bone is "carved" on the first day. Then second day the price will start dumping slowly premarket and at market open you will see just streams and streams of mid activity showing the HFT's hard at work, and unless the newbie hangs in there for a dollar a share drop it's a failed play. And that's if it even comes back at all. Not being a hater btw and I'm sure you could point out like 3 that have worked in this time period but the vast majority of them just don't work. Love the concept though and big fan of yours, keep up the good work man!

Damian Masztalerz says:

Does the PDT rule apply to Canadians? ; I asked my banking institution this question and they looked at me like i had a third eye

John Smith says:

scared of overnight plays coz the haulting thing


Listening over and over brings understanding! Thanks for all your hard work.

tato2493528 says:

garbage ass video

Victor Vilela Petrin says:

Hey Tim! How would you get out and cut your loss if it suddenly tanks in the middle of the night and you are not watching? A doubt that has always been in my mind me since I know you dont use stop limits… Thanks by the way for the good information as aways!

valerie alexis says:

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Choi Sungsoo says:

Thank you! Tim. I felt down a little after my badly executed trading today. I felt dumb actually. After watching this video lesson, though, I regained my focus. I will focus/master overnight trading skill. I won't try to daytrade with my small account yet. Great lesson!

jmoneyfightfan says:

I'd like to learn more about short selling. Thanks.

Diego moore says:

Great advice, thank you ?

Tuberculosis Is fatal says:

Doing well Timothy

James Lesesne says:

Gevo potential overnighter tonight

Deontia Andrews says:

Great Tim…

Liam Tanner says:

It took me 8 months to really understand volume and to be able to visualize it.

Ashik Iqbal says:

"Newbies need to be protected from themselves"

Edward Bronner says:

Hey, thank you tim. This info helps to know. Taking notes.

George Martinez says:

These are JEWELS ?

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