How to Find the Right Trading Coach or Mentor

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Before you can earn, you gotta learn. There are too many so-called gurus out there … Here’s what you need to know to find the right trading coach or mentor!

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I’m coming to you from the Caribbean today.

I want you to see how beautiful this is … So I’m taking you on a tour of my bungalow. Take a look at this amazing view. Check out the awesome floor cutout where I can see the ocean below.

And come into my bedroom, where I’ll show you the two most important things…

No, I’m not getting creepy with you. It’s my laptop and my smartphone. Guess what? If you have either of these, no matter where you are or who you are… your life can change.

The only supplies you need to trade are an internet connection, a brokerage account, and a device.

But to do it well, you need the right guidance.

How can you find the right trading coach or mentor? It’s super easy to find people who say they can teach you to trade. But who are they, really?

Plenty of so-called gurus will tell you they can teach you how to make millions fast.

But have they only been trading for a year or two? Do they show you EVERY trade — wins and losses?

Are you kidding me? Most of these people don’t know how the market works. They don’t understand that we’re in the midst of a 10-year bull market. How will they adapt when the market changes?

Their strategies haven’t stood the test of time.

I’ve been trading for over two decades. I can tell you this: it takes time to earn, and it takes time to learn.

My students are proof of this. If you start with a small amount of money, it is possible to become a millionaire. But you can’t expect it to happen overnight. It takes time.

If you don’t have a ton of money, focus on learning. That’s cheap! I have over 1,000 free videos on YouTube. Watch them!

In this video, I give you some real talk about trading … including what you need to do to make a long-lasting career an actual possibility.

I’ll always show you every trade. I’ll always teach you from every trade. I want to help you build a solid foundation of discipline, knowledge, and rules.

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Timothy Sykes says:

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Monk813 Slim says:

Hey again tim right now i am to young to get into this all yet and i know i left a few comments on a few videos other "teachers" arent transparent so i understand why you say you are real in a world of fakes but i love the free ebook you reccommened i listened to it already 3 times now picking up on things i missed every single time and i am buying the beginners guide on friday i'm sorry that i wrote a lot but i have been consumed by this new love and passion and i want to take in everything.

Gabriela says:

You don‘t need to verbalize what you feel. I could feel it by seing this video.. thanks Tim you‘re real. Me encanta!!!!!

Thomas W says:

Hi Tim, and everyone else following. So I am still very new to trading and investing. Been following Tim for about 4-5 months now. I have signed u for the weekly picks and just waiting for my ETrade account to be linked with my UK bank so I can fund it. But there is so much info out there. Im not ready for the millionaire challenge yet, but where is a great place to start in terms of learning trading tools, learning to find stocks and developing a good foundation and strategy to stick to. Other than these great YouTube vids you post of course.

Akshat Shetty says:

You don't actually need a trading coach . I am a self made forex trader , trust me you don't actually need a mentor.

Ray Tait says:

Tim please help me. What broker do I use if I live in Australia?

2RipChic says:

Thanks, Tim! I am broke, and I've been studying for two years your videos on YouTube. Grinding away at a crappy job and saving up, and trading in sim. Appreciate your transparency.

AJ Roache says:

Love the realness Tim. Keep the videos coming!!

warmlivin says:

I am inspired! I love the water floor. Thanks for the video I've been watching you for about a year now and soaking up tons of info. Thank you thank you thank you!

Ronaldo A. Cayosa says:

Thank you Tim just waiting for right time and enough money still learning from your books and youtube.

Canna Ken says:

dam the Lamborghini, I want a TESLA! 😀 Love your style Tim, I joined Trade-net with Meir. Hes great and im learning so much, and without a team, i would still be losing. I think of joining you all the time, but i do not think im ready for a drill sergeant like yourself. Keep up the good work.

Wesley Blake says:

Timothy do you recommend buying B2GOLD stock right now? If I purchase 1 stock. How do I know when to sell or trade it?

Big Ballah says:

This dude is a scam artist selling courses for $3500 with info that can be found online for free! My boy bought his course and the material is basic info you can get for free online. Don't believe me go ahead and waste your time and money you've been warned!

Beaugeto Star98 says:

Whether I'm broke or not, I always think and find a way on how I can increase my knowledge in the mean while i don't have much. I managed to watch Trading Tickers 3 times before it got deleted from YouTube XD Trading Tickers has helped me a lot along with heaps of the YoutTube video lessons and How to make millions XD

David Smith says:

Thank you Tim I'm still learning! Finished the Book of The Complete Penny Stock Course. Now watching the video's on!!! 😉 I'm really loving it! and yes I'm talking to all my friends about it 🙂

Jonathan Ontiveros says:

I talked with Jared about 2and a half months ago he told me to get 2grand and I told him give me 3 months and so I've gotten a job and need weedwacking yards on weekends and well as trading with my 230$ brokerage acct. I'm almost to 2grand but I'm getting my car all fixed up and so my first months paycheck is alot in that and then it's all good and I'm set to save for trading. Tim the "degenerate" in me sometimes just wants to get 2 Grand and put that in my brokerage acct. And trade in good hopes to increase my money and then be able to afford yours and Tim gritannis course easily. But I say this to myself that I am struggling to even grow my 230 dollar acct. I have been recently making few dollars here and there but I want your advice. Should I buy Tim gritanni video lessons and silver. I can afford this. I make 1,664$ monthly as long as I don't get let go or fired but I don't think I will. And so yeah I have budgeted all my monthly expenses and found that on average I should be able to save roughly $830 every month and over if I deliver some Postmates and get yards to weedwack every weekend. What do you think Tim ? Gritannis video and silver or risk losing or possible gaining in the market. Ive been in the market now and learning since October 31 2019. I've also had some nice gains and also some nice loses. I'm thankful for the loses now after being down for a little mentally because I've learned to just get the hell out after shits going wrong! Thanks Tim your the man! My mentor and I'm very thankful to have come across you!

Jim Le says:

I see your CDs on eBay. How are those still relevant today?

Jonathan Ontiveros says:

I appreciate your transparency Tim! I'm dedicated, learning everyday and am going to get Tim gritanni video lessons and when I make enough money I want yours as well. You're amazing man. Take it easy.

Doof Enshmurts says:

Yo Tim I’m 14 but i want to learn from you what should I do?

Aleksandar Terzic says:

🐺⭐🐺 True

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