How to Find Trades: Big Percent Gainers and Multi-Day Movers

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My Trading Challenge students get access to two to five trading webinars per week. Wanna see what they’re like?

Lucky you … In today’s video, you get a sneak peek at the kinds of things you can learn in my Trading Challenge. Check out this FREE webinar by one of my top students, Mark Croock.

He’s talking about the plays you gotta focus on if you want to find great trading opportunities with low-priced stocks. Specifically, he’s looking at big percent gainers and multi-day movers.

Right now, it’s a great market for small-cap stocks — especially multi-day spikers in hot sectors.

No, we won’t have plays like this all the time. But right now is a great time for sector momentum … are you taking advantage of it?

Remember: even if these particular tickers aren’t in play anymore by the time you watch this, they can give you some great ideas for future trades … Remember, patterns repeat!

Croock gets into his personal trading week, and how he started out undisciplined and had a bad start. This webinar is all about him finding discipline, getting back to basics, and not letting his emotions get in the way.

To help you understand how patterns play out, he guides you through several recent runners. They’re all in the biotech space, which is red-hot right now with no signs of cooling off.

One example? CLVS. This was a picture-perfect multi-day spiker, multi-day fader.

It had a green day but began to give back its gains … Learn how to spot opportunities like this by looking for things like stock volatility and price action. And learn when and how to take advantage of runners that follow this trajectory.

SRNE was another recent play that offered a “very solid short.” Croock explains why this ticker was never a good dip buy like he wanted. But he ended up making some money by shorting based on a predictable pattern.*

Learn how he decided which direction to go and what news he looked for to confirm his trade thesis!

Croock also talks you through other tickers — PTI, ADXS, AUPH, CCXI, and more. Learn from the past so that you can do better in the future!

Did you like learning from this webinar? What did you find most helpful?

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Timothy Sykes says:

Did you like learning from this webinar? What did you find most helpful?

Inshaine says:

Great video, horrible lip smacking. Almost couldn’t do it but the knowledge was too strong to walk away.

puccOFF says:

I'm surprised you dont have millions of subscribers, Tim. These videos are awesome and very informative!

A. Chill Woods says:

I just got "smacked" up side the ear!


Tim, thank you for doing this my friend! I've learned a lot from you and your students!

NOTAnGryWhelp says:

Volume is key!

Aleksandar Terzic says:

🐺⭐🐺 Tim how to stop bunches and bunches of crow'$ , to stop Alex do you want to invest in this , that with "companies" I never heard for. Great webinar like because man is fast just when needed, doing small to take big fish

VOGAS says:

??? 🙌👊🙌 for trading purposes which is better mac or windows? Thanks.

Jeanpaul Towers says:

Thank Tim S. and Mark C.

Fabiano Carpinelli says:

I’m new to the game. Bought in to CODX Friday at $1.86 and it shot up to $2.19 in AH. Do I sell that puppy at open, or try and chase it to $4 to double my money? Your vids have thought me a lot this weekend, advice is appreciated.

Bogdan George Dumitrescu says:

why sometimes the price is going higher even if the volume is not bigger than that one from the past. For example ADXS in OCT the volume was bigger then in DEC but the price was SMALLER in OCT but HIGHER in DEC ( even if the volume was smaller). I hope you understood me…i just try to find some answers. Thank you, Tim.

Tommy Ferreira says:

Yes free webinarrrrr, if we all had access to these webinars, most of us would sync in so much gold data

President Trump 2020 says:

Is there a free stock ticker a person can use to help a new trader see some of the high gaining stocks to keep up with

Austin Johnson says:

It's 2020 and i'm getting back into trading, thumbs up if you also make profits using Tim's strats.

Andrii Perepelytsia says:

Thanks a lot Tim !

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