How to Form Good Forex Trading Habits – Chief Chats with the FX Chief

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90% of what we do is habit based, so what happens to your Forex trading account if you have a majority of bad habits? That was Miguel’s concern when he reached out to me.

The key to improving your trades is to change your habit focus. Take some time to watch this video and let me know how you plan on changing your habits.

Forming good Forex habits is one of the key psychological values the FX Chief founded Market Traders Institute on and it’s one of the topics we cover during our weekly market sessions ➡

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S.Allan Weir says:

hands down if schools communicated with the clarity and passion and came across  as human / real as you do the world and society would be running in a far smoother  way.. I like what I hear and see .. random statement but fitting ..

Stephen Hale says:

I will focus on the good habits leaving the gremlins out.

Octavio Mejía says:

Thank you FX Chief, I will focus only in my good habits

Peter Karcich says:

Enjoyed listening to you realised one thing besides everything was saying was right.But also realised you must be Italian.

Mike Wild says:

Love the .786 Habit. lol. Love The FX Chief Trading Room, Amazing ROI and Great Habits.

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