How to Get API Free Ninja Trader 8 Realtime and backfill data for India Stock Market

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This video is created for educational purpose only. Please consult your registered financial adviser before taking trade decisions.

We dont deal with Data and are not data providers, We are the creator of a browser that facilitates the integration of your choice of broking system to your trading system.

The entire product is run at user sole discretion. We dont promote any kind of data vendor.

Product Link:

Demo 5 Days available on

Telegram: @algobabasupport


Contact +91-9648584858

Indicators Shown in Video Are

Trend Candles

Magic VWAP

Magic Trend Analytics

Trade Bridge Can be integrated with Algos for auto order execution over any trade platform Amibroker, MT4 & Ninjatrader8

Indicators Pack Trial available too


Uday Narayan Dey says:

Your voice is very Good

saila khgki says:

Wantwd to know How to configure bridge for fully automatic trading through indicators or AFL etc..not with buttons but complete automation…and your product is good

Shailja Sing says:

Biggest revolution you have brought to Indian market

narendra seth says:

Scanned all your videos of algobaba are undoutedly best ..Api really sucks
But you have brought amazing setup

Lokesh Shinde says:

Free from API
That means no more additional charges

Krish Awasthi says:

Omg is this really possible..?
Your contact no.?

Carra Rebecco says:

Please make video in english also

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