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Quick guide for how to get Debt Bonds fast in Fortuna.
Ticker may seem like a good boi, but have you seen him steal lunch money from the Solaris workers?

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Mariano Ortiz says:

Thank you. People just call me dumb for not knowing this community is retarded

Abdu Salam says:

So pretty much, ya get the shit you need, and pay off some dudes debts.

Stevie Foster says:

where is this flip ph0ne guy?

Tonan Bora says:

Except now, they all require a number of at least one type of resource. X-/

SquirrelsVsLions says:

So simple and to the point! Funny at the same time. Thank YOU!!!!!!

Chloe Howland says:

Thank you, Flip-Phone Chan.

Igi666 cz says:

Oh thanks man, you safed my life, cause i was running bounties for it….
Thanks really

Brian the Trainer says:

So it's just easy Standing them or is there something else

enuf bregante says:

This helped me so much. I’ve been grinding for those debt bonds and after seeing this I just purchased them. Thanks for the video

Kenyan Moorman says:

Thanks very useful not in a sarcastic way it really is thanks a lot

B Thrills says:

This was huge. I found it rather ridiculous to only farm the training debts by t1 bounties. Thanks.

Attack titan says:

Dude thank you I’ve been doing bounties for a long time to get them until I saw this vid you saved me a lot of trouble Man U earned a subscriber

TecnicosMultimédia Informatico says:

Ticker is a girl, in one of her lines she refers herself with "her"

Alvaro CAro says:

That's David Bowie

Pol Subanajouy says:

Actually, I think Tikker is a she. Or at least she referred to herself in as a she in one of the voice clips?

Christian Mogol says:

just watching this video on how to get training bonds while doing a bounty, then i got dropped 2x Training bonds, what sorcery do you posses?

respwn says:

There was a slider?! who knew. …

Porygon z the true pokegod says:

"How to get debt bonds" as if we needed that

SpazzedQ says:

Hi. Am flip-phone chan. Looking for roommate

vargasmongo3436 says:

thank you brother, I was trying to figure out on how to get the "TRAINING DEBT-BOND"

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