How To Get Rich By Investing In Penny Stocks (Great American Investor Interview)

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Cali Man says:

We need more of this Oshay! Instant classic!

Cali Man says:

Do a podcast for bitcoin!

Love Incorporated says:

Great story! Great information! This is one of your most informative videos.

julius cobb says:

Lillies in Europe = Dutch tulips great story how middle and lower classes can be advantaged by those in the know on investing. Those who hop on fads late pay for everyone else to cash out

TheSushiraw says:

in 2009 to 2010, the economy was rebounding I knew that the building industry would get started again,… I didn't buy construction stocks though, cause I knew all builders need tools to build, I went in CATERPILLAR and CUMMINS, HOME DEPOT… and went in SILVER stocks cause GOLD is kind expensive, from late 2009 to july 2010 I went from 20 G*s to 135 G*s, I was making a lot of money so fast, but I started being comfortable and lost my discipline, one day in july 2010,
I went in a pump and dump scum and lost 115 G*s in 3 hours. guys, get yourself a discipline, never invest without knowing why, don't use a lot money in the beginning, learn more about trading as much as you can, and if it sounds too good to be true don't make a move. sites like MONEY MORNING can help a lot, and TD AMERITRADE is a good platform, it is full of trading tools that can help you. AND ONCE AGAIN STRT SMALL, or even MAYBE START WITH PAPER MONEY (non existing money) until you start to get at least some knowledge then make a significant move with real moey.

E. Selassie says:

I disagree with Sal's bitcoin comments. yes it's very volatile but you can see huge profits… BUT you have to trade the altcoins on the exchanges to make profits.
DO NOT enter cryptocurrency without doing the research first.
Been buying bitcoin since 2013.

How Sal feels about cryptocurrency is how I feel about penny stocks. Everyone has their game but pick YOUR game. I love the craps table my brother does blackjack at the end of the day, hard money pays on the tables just find YOUR table.

Kevin Rorie says:

Great show ODJ! Thanks for your continued hardwork!

Tharealmobezzy says:

I plan on using my college refund to invest in the stock market. What should I invest in.

Jon Snow says:

Oshay could you please tell me his youtube channel if he has one?

Aede Mack says:

Hey Duke, I would like to ask you if you and the brothers can have y'all Round Table again about single black mothers being lesbian in the black community if you could say about it because the situation is very prevalent!

D Man says:

I've made hundreds of thousands of dollars in large cap stocks. You can loose your ass on penny stocks. I'm going to stick with the big boys. Slow and steady wins the race. If you do want to get into small or micro cap stocks, there are several good mutual funds in this sector. Also look at emerging markets, which are essentially international, micro cap stocks. MPT says that they should be a component of an overall portfolio for the best returns long term. Even with a high standard deviation, they could lower the risk of a total portfolio. ?

Kellen Peterson says:

Oshay bout ugly asf lol

Supasly75 says:

Oshay never ceases to amaze me! Kudos bog dog!!!

Steak N Shrimp says:

Oshay you on fire bro?

Jordan Beville says:

Big Up's 'Oshay' Great information true facts keep the quality coming.

reginald pettway says:

Woe penny stock over forex???

GOD DAMN says:

Fuck that jus buy sliver and Gold… the dollar is about to crash☹️

blahmayne910 says:


Healthy Heavyweights says:

See that why I invest in bitcoin. 2500? Damn…

Perry Stanislas says:

Penny stocks are a good instrument in making money, all the usual qualifications notwithstanding.

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