How To Get Started Trading Penny Stocks Step By Step | For Beginners

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How To Start Day Trading Penny Stocks 2018
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Glamis 1981 says:

Thanks Tony

alex cimacio says:

This is awesome Tony. Thanks for this. It helps a lot.

Queen Christine Cosmetics says:

do you have an Instagram handle I can follow you on?

chris wagner says:

Gtx at job. Thank 's for all the great knowledge.

Ligia Ho says:

Awesome video Tony. I have learned alot
Thank you

Jeff Cast says:

Thank you for the video's and tutorial playlists. Its very detailed and straight forward compared to many other videos I've seen. It so good that i had the urge to make a account, subscribe, and write a comment. Great channel for me to start learning. Keep up the awesome work.

eKo HaMZa says:

what program or website you are using to trade on shares ?

John Forster says:

What software do you use to monitor your stocks?

monicawxxx says:

Hey Tony, what tool do you use to analyze?

אדיר מולאי says:

תודה רבה עזרת לי מאוד!

Sam Huang says:

Hi Tony, I really enjoyed watching your videos and learned a lot from it! Great job. I am wandering you can do video of how to use Etrade pro which the program that you use. Thank you!

TheBiggIdealist says:

Thanks man, blessings to you and yours.

SupaKet says:

very helpful video,also you come across as very honest which is a great asset to have..I liked and subscribed..I have watched around 20 of you videos..good stuff…I am highly interested in the mentoring program as a direct result…thank you

dilshad Alam says:

Great video

M M says:

you rock it man, you really have a nice way to teach ! giving that list is so important!. So true everyone saying what to do with information but not telling where or on what to look for. Sorry for my english, man keep it on ! I'll see your channel

Aoffy Vimolkiatkhajorn says:

I live in Thailand. Is it possible to open the account for trade penny stocks?

bookbearerplus says:

You're a great teacher, thanks!

Brian says:

Hey question for you about calculating your risk/reward. How do you assess a stock's likelihood to give you a 1:2 risk/reward (or whatever your desired ratio is)? I mean you can research a stock and come to your best conclusion on which ones to trade, but really you have no idea what a stock is going to do right? Determining risk/reward is confusing me. It seems like guess work, even if you're making an educated guess about a stock?

Houssine Bounqid says:

Thank you for sharing this Tony, Quick question how can i learn to trade penny stocks if there isn't demo account available ?? i've been trading in the forex with demo account for 3 years and didn't become profitable trader so what if it take me 3 years in the stock market to make it. That's a lot of money i need in order to learn how to become profitable trader

Shahid Mubarik says:

Tony, really love how mature you with your explanations for such a young guy – and then you have the stammer to fight with too – you're an inspiration! wish you best of luck.

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