How to Grow a Small Account Day Trading? Penny Stocks NOT the only way for Beginner Traders!

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Are you trying to grow a small trading account? Buying penny stocks is NOT the only way for day trading beginners with a small account.
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1:50 Large cap trading VS Penny stock trading
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5:19 Benefits of trading large cap stocks $PINS $GRUB $BYND $ROKU
8:46 How to adapt your trading strategies in various market cycles
10:48 Trading large cap stocks with small account

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While most day trading marketing gurus out there tell all the beginner traders to buy penny stocks and follow their alerts… trading small caps not the ONLY way. And definitely not one to rely on throughout the whole year.

How I grew my small account day trading years ago, was by buying penny stocks in hot cycles, such as the shippers, blockchain, weapon bubble. And focus on trading large cap stock earnings and news in the seasons where penny stocks are dead with no volume.

Trading Large caps vs Small cap penny stocks:
1. Large caps tend to trend for an extended amount of time.
2. Large caps are less volatile and allow day trading beginners to practice patience and trading emotions
3. Large cap short borrows are much more accessible than small cap penny stocks
4. There’s almost always fresh news such as Chinese Tariffs, FDA approvals, earnings guidance out daily for the large cap stocks.
5. Penny stock trading volume tend to die out in the summer, while large cap movers have volume almost daily.
6. Penny stock patterns and indicators are not reliable. You should focus on trading psychology. But Large cap stocks follow technical set ups and patterns pretty well.

The key is, if you are trading penny stocks with a small account, focus on capital preservation and only buy penny stock momentum in the market cycles that favor your long set ups. Do not force trades and chase every break out and expect the same trading set up and trading strategy to always work out.

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What kind of stocks do you guys like to trade? Low floats or large caps?

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What amount do you suggest to have at minimum your account to start day trading?

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lance pheng says:

U can also trade the new micro futures to grow your small account. If you want to trade futures like wild penny stocks and u are a very skilled trader you can trade /NQ. That is the nasdaq mini futures. But u need an account to handle $100-150 stop loss. 1 tick of a nasdaq movement which is .25 c is $5 gain. 1 poin=4 quarters = 20$ of movement. Full ATR on the chart is 5 points of movement. Now on the micro lots is is 1/10th of the size . Symbol is MNQ

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This could be a good strategy now that there no commissions.

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Once I got into options, I'm never going back. If you have a small account, I suggest learn options trading strategies

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