How to handle weekend gaps in your trading?

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A subscriber recently asked me…

“How do you deal with weekend gaps in your trading?

Now I’m sure you’ve probably thought about this before… whether to exit all your positions, or hold them through the weekend.

If you exit your trades, you might miss the move if the market opens in your favor. But…

If you don’t exit your trades, you fear there might be a huge gap against you.

So, what should you do?

That’s a good question which I’ll cover in today’s episode of AskRayner.

You’ll learn:
• When to hold your trades over the weekend
• When NOT to hold your trades over the weekend
• The logic and proof behind it


If you’re always struggling to decide whether to hold your trades over the weekend or not, then today’s video is for you.

Now go click below to watch it right now…

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HotGame says:

Hi, How can i change my position size? can i use fractinal lots? for example 0.032 lots? I have a 750$ account i want to use those kind of lots is it possible? please answer cause no instructors could answer my simple question in the whole internet . Thats amazing that they asnwer to all the question but it seems that they dont even undrestand what im talking about. Am i making sense???

Green Pips says:

Hi, can you make video on Regulated Forex Brokers and Slippages and Market makers. It would be very helpful for everyone.

rahul singla says:

Rayner sir post a video on Indian nifty analysis

victor kaila says:

wow man i wish i was as good as you, keep up the good work..

TCS_10 says:

my problem is the gaps on stoks every day the market opens..i dont trade stock that much because of the gaps every day..

Laurenzo M says:

A good example would be the cotton#2 chart from last week

gurpal johal says:

always waiting for your videos..thnx

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