How To Hit “Singles” Trading Penny Stocks

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Read to see review the homework I assigned student in honor of my roughly $3,000 profit day on Friday, these patterns appear again and again and again and while it’s not an exact science, studying the past makes you better equipped to capitalize on penny stock volatility in the future


Blake Sab says:

I lost $20 on PLUG. Cut losses quickly

Ricky Stewart says:

Another fantastic lesson, many thanks Tim. Just one question – When you were starting in with a partial position on the front side of the move with DRYS on the Friday afternoon short squeeze, were you risking off of the 4 dollar whole number?

splashdownmodels says:

Single's win

Goruter says:

Singles win

Pang Houa Yang-Yip says:

Singles Win! Thanks Tim Sykes for the video lesson.

Sergey says:

Tim, you are a real inspiration to me. Thank you for your hard work teaching us

Dis Faka808 says:

And $DRYS is a great short because it's such junk. Yes it spikes hard but it's history shows in its past that it always comes down as fast as it goes up. And lol Etrade literally has no idea who you are I asked more then one worker if they knew u and they had no idea wtf I was talking about

Dis Faka808 says:

Awesome video thanks tim??

Noe Rodriguez says:

Singles win

9eman9 says:

Such an important topic… when I first started trading I was always looking to hit that "home run" trade. Ended up blowing up my account several times doing this. It was only when I started taking smaller profits that I became consistently profitable (funny how that works lol). Just take profits when you have them guys it's simple!

Broly says:

Singles win

TrueBag PipeRock says:

Thank God. A chart video.

Israel Maldonado says:

Singles WIN……

Michael Jackson says:

Great video, love ya brother

robbin hackney says:

Singles Win!

Konrad Engen says:

Singles win

Charles Lee says:

I suggest everyone check out MSPC (sub-penny) $1.9 in revenue this quarter.

LizzardsLayer1 says:

Thank you Tim

scottystrading says:

Sunday night done right with this gem of a video thanks Tim :).

WatchDogs1991 says:

single wins

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