How To Identify A Good Entry When Trading Stocks | Stocks For Beginners

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Paltibenlaish says:

hi ricky, great videos!!.
what do u think about forex vs penny stocks ?

MissionForDays96 says:

I've been trading for a week and made 10$ only lol

MoneyManFernando says:

So in your opinion how much money does a person need in a trading account to earn $5000 a month swing trading???

Cesar Robles says:

Ricky!!! Where is my t-shirt!!

Cristianius I says:

Hey thanks for video. Quick question, do you trade with your profits from trades or do you invest them in again.

Michael Bartels says:

Are you an FBI profiler and profiling my trading, started 3 weeks ago and you got me spot on with this video good thing I am only down 20 percent.

Gabriel Villasenor says:

Thanks for the insight on swing trading ??

Gabriel Villasenor says:

First time trading jdst

Ripple says:

Thanks for all the help Ricky.
My fascination with the stock market started 10/2014 and its been growing a lot. In my opinion, you are a gold mine. I want you to know how inspiring you are to me. Thanks again.
I will watch every ad all the way though.

Jesse Llamas says:

Damn jdst worked.. Sq worked!!! thanks for those picks this morning!!!

Anthony Salfity says:

I'm still not that good at this, though I'm getting much better partly thanks to you. However, if you look at the long term history of stocks like JNUG and JDST (one year, five years, ten years), if you buy those stocks and hold them for a long time you will tend to lose money. The majority of traders do. So why pick stocks like that? Why not pick more secure stocks to buy at their support and sell at their resistances. Stocks I'll consider for swing trading would be like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, GE, JetBlue, Siri, Intel, AMTD. More predictable stable stocks with good long term potential and less volatility. Sure you probably won't make the profits that you could make with some of the more volatile stocks but you can probably still make solid returns on safer investments. I'm not saying to invest in these or not. I think you should also consider the fundamentals slightly more when it comes to swing trading (revenue/earnings, avoid stocks that are issuing new shares, etc…), but, as I said, you're a lot better at this than I am.

theshivalpatel says:

hi ricky, im a new trader and have been reading up on it a lot lately and wwatching your videos and tim sykes ( realized ur videos are more realistic for my expectations). I want to start day/swing trading with a 500$ inital investment. I understand this isnt recommended but i have been doing a lot of research and i learned to identify and look fro important criteria such as support and resistance % risk % growth and <10% potential. I have benn practiving using td ameritrade papertrade, any advice for me?? i want to particulary know where to look for and how to narrow down stocks. thanks!

JamesT says:

Whe when are the shirts coming out?

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