How To Identify Potential Trading Stocks | Penny Stock Investor

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lapourda says:

Do you read the news about the stocks bro or you just do technical analysis?

Biggp279 says:

How do you get the live stream? I'm on the Facebook page but I never see it go "live"?

Sheldon Carvalho says:

How about getting a less clicky mouse… That clicking all the time … Good video though.

ammartm1 says:

I'm always on the road driving trucks can I do this on my phone thanks

kings2727 says:

Hey Ricky do you really think AMD is going to come back to 14.50 from what i can see it seems like 14 is being a strong resistance

Zach Lively says:

Hey man! Great videos! Got a question on when you make a stop loss do you sell all the stocks or just some of them?

Travis Tillery says:

Hey Ricky could you possibly email me some information

Connor Hay says:

Very useful info man, keep it up ????

Spencer Pierce says:

or just an advanced video on paper trading with think or swim

Spencer Pierce says:

video idea : think or swim paper trading how to buy and sell with stop limits and such

Prince Brown says:

Hey, nice vid man. Any one have any recommendations in free videos or program where I can learn about trading and stuff.

against all odds says:

good morning ricky ive always wanted to start trading even more after watching the wolf of wallstreet lol but was never truly confedent to invest after stumbling across and watching some of your videos and doing more close research i finally opened up an accound with robinhood and today i popped my cherry . i tried your game plan today and to my surprise it worked out had i have more capital to invest it would have been a good day. i do have a few questions regarding robinhood . i placed a limit order but it did not execute at the price i bit at and i also placed a stop loss sell . when it says stop loss sell is pending am i still going to get the price it should have stop lossed at ? thank you ahead of time

Cyric Cyric says:

Hay Ricky Missed the live stream, but do like the breakdown you did at the end. i think its somthing to keep….

Zachary Wilson says:

Thank you bro, I just started and that's all because I have been watching you. If at all possible I would like to get in contact with you. I'm really trying to learn, am low on money.. I only have 30.00 to trade..

Juan C. says:

Thanks a lot for all the knowledge you bring to all of us

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