How To Install NinjaTrader 8 on a MAC (2020)

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This video will show you how to get NinjaTrader 8 working on a MAC and will take you approx 30 minutes (depending on how fast your computer is and your download speeds of course) … but the process is NOT hard and this video will walk you through the very simple steps.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments. I’m not a MAC user and thus might not be able to help out with the specifics but others who visit this probably are so i’d encourage you to write any questions.

So how were we able to get this all up and running for less than 15usd? First of all, windows 10 and vmware both have 30 day trials. So you can do this for 1 month and make sure everything works the way you want. You can purchase your software keys from wherever you wish but we found the cheapest way (and still apparently very much legal) is to buy the keys off ebay (new and unused) which you can typically find them for around $5. Do a search, you’ll find many of them with some highly rated sellers / Microsoft partners.

VMware Fusion:
Windows 10 Download:

INDICATORS (some free – marked as free below)
NinjaTrader 8 Tool Set: (Which you can see in the video)

XABCD News Indicator Pro:(Included with Membership):

NT8 Sonar Indicator (Included with Membership):

NT8 Hurst Indicator (Included with Membership):

NT8 Position Sizing Tool (Add-on – Not Included with Membership):

XABCD News: (Free):

XABCD Priceline (Free):

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XABCDTrading says:

If this video helped, wack that thumbs up button so I know it did you some good? Also helps those youtube algos so more people can see how easy this is …. I put more details in the description about cost (~$15 dollars) how to go about doing all that and getting it going. I'm not a mac user, so if I can manage this I'm sure you familiar with those machines will be able to do it too 🙂 Took me approx 30 minutes to get this all up and running, most of which was waiting for the download and doing the install. Otherwise there was very little configuration. I really hope that NinjaTrader never comes out with a mac version because its sooooo easy to do this and allows their development team to focus on one platform and to keep creating amazing features and a better program. Happy to answer any questions below 🙂
0:17 <– Downloading VMware (acts as the translator)
1:05 <– WIll show you what it looks like running on a mac … spoiler alert … it's what you would expect if you had a native app.
1:22 <– Downloading Windows 10 (to run ninjatrader 8 code)
2:58 <– Installing VMware
5:27 <– Installing WIndows 10
11:46 <– Downloading NinjaTrader 8 + Installing
13:40 <– Integrating NinjaTrader 8 with your MAC to make it seamless using Unity

Devon Mahoney says:

So vmware has been working great and I recently did a software update for vmware and now it says in the bottom right corner to activate windows in settings on Ninjatrader. Any suggestions on what I can do about the " Activate Windows in settings" in the corner?

Yeshua The Way says:

i cant get it to work

Devon Mahoney says:

So I downloaded vmware fusion and continued but I forgot to add more gigs. How do I go back and add more gigs. I only have one gig and its very slow

Ezra Koper says:

Why not use parallels. This is the go to when running windows on Mac.

turo hernandez says:

How reliable is NinjaTrader running on Mac ? I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a Mac but iffy on running Ninjatrader on it

Brenden Del Monte says:

Hey this video worked great for the most part however I ran into a few issues that you did not seem to encounter and required extra research. First, when I went to install windows the first time it said “No images are available” and would not let me click to the next screen. The fix for that was to go into the settings and remove the floppy disk. Once you restart the VM, press any key to boot from the CD/DVD (SATA) drive. This should fix the no images available message. My second issue was the unity function was not selectable. The fix for that was to update the VMware tools which can be found in the virtual machine drop down menu on the top of your Mac. Thanks for the video I really appreciate it!

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