How to Invest in Bitcoin & Trade Bitcoin Penny Stocks (MAKE MONEY ONLINE FROM HOME!)

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How to Invest in Bitcoin and Trade Bitcoin Penny stocks from HOME!


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Hey everyone! Today’s video lesson will revolve strictly around bitcoin investing, how to buy bitcoin penny stocks, and general lessons to be learned about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This is all based around a core focus of making money from home so we can all live that life full of freedom!

Bitcoin is yet again breaking out to new highs after its dip last month (which everyone called ‘The end of Bitcoin’) largely fueled by China imposing new regulations on Bitcoin exchanges. Of course, the dip was just caused by people who chased the break of $5,000 and then panic sold as they were underwater. The ONLY way we will know if bitcoin is over with is when it sets in a big double top or a big lower high. Until then, just assume that it will keep making U-Shape breakouts because that’s all it has done since its inception.

$BTCS $BTSC $GBTC $BITCF $DIGAF are all potential runners into the end of this week (BTCS especially) as they are all sympathy plays to Bitcoin. learn the charts, understand their behavor, and make a plan to trade them (as I will most likely focus on these tomorrow unless there’s a great NASDAQ play)


Tony Ivanov says:

$BTCS $BTSC $GBTC $BITCF $DIGAF $MGTI These are ALL potential runners tomorrow!

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