How to invest in bonds in India – Tamil explanation

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This video explains about How to invest in bonds in india tamil explanation. All government securities, treasy bills, corporate bonds,
tax free bonds are covered in this video. Explains investing both through vendor as well as direct through NSE website.

The objective of our videos is to make people learn what is share market in tamil.
By the series of videos we post, we want to provide share market details in tamil and share market tips in tamil.
From what we have analysed there are not many books or videos available about share market in tamil language.
So this is an attempt to close that gap. This series of videos give share market details in tamil language.
This series of videos provide share market tips in tamil youtube means.

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ARV BLUE says:

I m not able to understand the value calculations at the end of video…. Can you help… If 1000 face value at coupon rate of 8percent and current value is 1200 how to calculate worth?

Dileep poluru says:

explaion super. english please sir

Jesu Rajesh says:

Can NRI buy these?

Lahari says:

Abhi Sir,
1) I am not able to find this bond in zerodha kite application, this bond Face value is 10 lac not sure if this can be purchased through our usual demant account, I have given ISIN Number below.
2) Yield is given as 3.3%, this bond will expire in next 5 months with last traded price 10,20,000 price, belive we can make 88000 interest since 8.8% is coupon rate, so we can make 68000 profit in 5 months which is like 6.8% interest in 5 months and close to 16% if we annualise. That is why I am not sure how this 3.3% yield is arrived.

Please can you answer these questions


shibi sibi says:

Anna, are there any options available for NRIs to buy bonds. If so could you share or do a small video about it. There are many mixed views saying NRIs can and cannot take part in a bond issue or later buy in secondary market.

Your feedback would be very helpful 🙂

Navin E says:

Can a NRI having NRE PINS and NRE NON PINS demat account buy these bonds?

sathish elangovan says:

Superb sir, please keep educating people like this, thanks.

Arun Rajasekaran says:

Can person with icici direct account sign up for nse gobid with existing clients? I can't see icici in list of brokers

Bala Thamizhan says:

Sir bond investment related a ungala na contact pananum number kidaikuma sir ??

Jemin Bharath says:

How to buy Bank Bonds ??
Like Karnataka bank and Lakshmi Vilas Bank bank Bonds in secondary market ..
It's not available in zerodha or nse IPO ..
If you know kindly post a video …
It'll be really helpful to many ….
Thank you.

Kavin says:

sir, please do share your opinion on Karnataka bank and Indusind bank bonds. We r looking to invest in it as per friend's suggestions. He said that they give close to 10% interest. Thanks.

Arun kumar says:

What is called Tire 1 & Tire 2 bonds?
Plz explain clearly…!!!

vanthiya devan says:

Great job sir

Karan says:

Bro, minimum evolo amount la erunthu start panna mudium..

Arun kumar says:

Ok… Comparing to a brokerage charge & NSEgoBID charge…
Which give better charge???

Arun kumar says:

If I applying IPO through NSEgoBID means…
Any charges applicable???

Alisha & Shazfa Channel says:


Karthick Sundar says:

Hi sir! Please make a fundamental analysis about kalpataru power ltd.

Bharath V says:

Sir it is explained nicely sir,I have one doubt in which basis your taking 5% inflation,it might be 10%also know sir,how ur analysing the inflation percentage

Suri 82 says:

Nice . How to buy bank tier 1 and tier 2 tax free bonds .

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