How to Invest in the Stock Market for Beginners

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Lewis E says:

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S. Gesture. says:

Jack, this is excellent video. thanks for sharing!

Nick Plath says:

Very informational, thank you.


thanks for the tips, but damn, invest in some penmanship courses lol.

Aidan Vaughan says:

Thank you for the advice!

Timothy Kuek says:

If stock price fall below the value that I purchase initially, would I encounter any losses if i didn't sell the stocks? Is the concept similar like gold (as long i didn't sell, nothing happen as i still own the stocks)?

Brianna Martinez says:

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Ben Tagler says:

Thanks man!

Edgar philips says:

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Randy Idler says:

I hear everybody saying not to invest in tech, but video games have been blowing up since the early 90s and today i see that it is still the future

oscar mendoza says:

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x says:

Millennials – take note! The stock market needs us, and we could use the retirement savings (Or rainy day spending money). I started with $100, and now look at my portfolio. Note: I did not invest in penny stocks. Follow for free advice, news and updates in regards to Wall Street stock investment.

Luisa richterr says:

There is no easy way to success. But with a regulated broker and a good Trading robot you can make good profit trading Binary options/Forex trading. just inbox me

jamesbond009 says:

Jack Chapple What is your average return on stocks ?

TB says:

For more in depth market education check this out

Adrian Swaby says:

Ronda Rousey

Jacob Betancourt says:

Im currently using a app called stash this helped a lot. Is there anywhere else i can invest?

Diana says:

I'm studying Finance and the stock market at university and your tutorial was way more helpful to my project than any of my very expensive lectures from my "top" university. I wish uni lectureres would understand the whole "keep it simple" concept.

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