How To Judge A Stocks Health

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The stock market is a battlefield and most companies are not healthy. So how can you determine if a stock is healthy or unhealthy? Majority of companies will lie and say they’re healthy even when they’re fundamentally not. You need to learn to focus on patterns, be adaptive and cut losses quickly.

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The stock market is a battlefield and most companies are not healthy. So how can you determine if a stock is healthy or not?

You have to understand that most of these companies will lie and say they’re healthy when they’re fundamentally not. If you read through their SEC filings they will admit how unhealthy they are.

The good news is if you have the right mindset it doesn’t matter if a company is unhealthy.

Expect the worst and prepare for it. Learn to differentiate the unhealthy and healthy stocks. Learn to ride the volatility and the hype of stocks.

Don’t be invested in earnings .. a company might bomb on earnings, but the CEO might say something positive that spikes the stock.

Don’t play a guessing game. Learn to focus on patterns, be adaptive and cut losses quickly. Learn not to care whether a company’s healthy or unhealthy.

But as soon as the stock is going against you, follow rule number one: cut losses quickly.

90% of traders lose due to lack of preparation. If you learn to think differently, change your mindset you can have an advantage.

Expect the worst from every company. Learn to focus just on price action, patterns and probabilities.

What factors do you look at before trading a stock? Leave a comment and tell me about some of the unhealthy stocks you’ve traded and what you learned!

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Timothy Sykes says:

How do you determine a stocks health? What have you learned from trading unhealthy stocks?

Arminas L. says:

Cascadero copper CCD.V stock bag holder.

Continuous Learner says:

Yes, unfortunately

Barbara Donalson says:

I feel that way.

Marcus says:

Any uber or Lyft share holders feeling triggered ?

Lubosi Maboshe says:

thanks tim. You are right earnings can mislead

Liam Tanner says:

So much good stuff here, a lot of it is repeated over and over again because it's what works, but if you can drill these simple rules into your mind, you'll be one step closer to having that edge, one step closer to making it out of PDT, one step closer to becoming successful. Thank you Timothy!

Lil Kartier says:

Hey Tim! If I join the VIP challenge does the 197$ also include the scanner for top stock picks? I'm looking to join today and change my life!

Deontia Andrews says:

great video

David Smith says:

I've never traded 🙁

DadHobby says:

5% usefull information. Just telling nothing.

Jonathan Marquez says:

Always love your content straight to the point

Bret Hager says:

Tim, I don't know if you have time to read these comments. I've been watching a lot of your videos and wish I could afford to sign up for your $75 a month thing but I'm on a fixed income and I'm lucky to be able to afford a meal through the month. I'm trying to claw my way out of this pit that disability has me in and tries to keep me in. I can't afford your programs or monthly things. I can't afford the web apps. I can't even afford a laptop currently. I'm trying to get a Mobility wheelchair and disability is fighting me on a lot of that. I'm learning a lot from the few videos from you I've been able to watch. I just wish I could afford your programs. Because there's so much to learn. Hopefully I can find more videos like this as I'm watching whatever I can and doing whatever again when I can I would love to join your website chatroom and chat Within it. Hopefully one day I'll be over breast before this disease takes me out. Right now I'm trying to get the ability to buy a better wheelchair and be able to accumulate the funds to pay for my own funeral when this multiple sclerosis takes me out. Because I know my family cannot afford my funeral or to even even bury me. Hopefully I can make enough somewhere somehow. I'm watching your videos and trying to find what I can invest 10 to $50 at a time because that's all I can afford currently I'm watching the stocks I can get to climb and fall. I'm definitely taking what you say continuously to heart. If I could afford your programs and joining your lists I would immediately..

Omar Elias says:

It's too late, I'm hooked, in deep, gotta go for the long haul! Hope these stocks can get a jolt from a bolt of lightning cuz if not I see ya in the future and maybe in a few years they come back to live! Pray for me

Faulk Smash says:

Holy shit, this was incredibly eye opening. A few repeats from other videos (saying that as a good way, because if I'm remembering that, it means it's clicking haha) as well as a bunch of new great information, and now I'll never put my newborn into battle.

When I feel confident enough to actually invest in the market (been studying on and off – recently got more time to study – but will study more) and am successful and making decent profits (or just profits, period), you and your students (as well as an individual in real life that I know that has made over 10 million) are fully creditable for making it happen.

Great stuff as always.

Róbert Nagy says:

semmit nem tanultam. nincs jogdijam. nincs tanulás:)))) csak suket fulekre találtok:)))))))))

Probing One says:

traveling gnome gives some sound advice. Thank you Tim Sykes

Have A Great Day says:

Can u guys send me link to the videos that show the actual patterns, please!

Have A Great Day says:

Hey Tim, I am pretty new to trading and trying to follow your tips. Thank you for everything.


Great video amigo….????????????

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