How To Learn New Skills Quicker Than Ever

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Register at to see a free webinar on the hotly debated niche of Bitcoin, which is the single best-performing asset in the world the past few years…also check out my friend and my video guys Danny who made an incredible video here on his recent travels!


owl man says:

She need more ass


I believed and still believe BC is the greatest pump and dump of all time . However I traded it because of the trend . I bought in at under one hundred sold when it hit over three thousand , I just couldn't take it any more 😊 Now I'm tempted to trade it again .

Max K says:

Now that i see this, it's time to dump my bitcoins!

Harries Bancolita says:

which broker to use canada for penny stocks

Bats Scientist says:

Charlie bit my finger…

C B says:

What the fuck are you wearing?

Rafael Michael Soto says:

I choose Charlee over bitcoin, hands down!!!! 💞💞💞

MitchTheLitch says:

i own 3 bitcoins 🙂

Stefan Icarus says:

So how many of you guys got into cryptocurrency or Bitcoin since the webinar?

TheAnigai says:

I look at Tikas incentive and actually even one of Tim's from a webinar of his where the prices of these subscriptions are cut and maybe/maybe not offered with some extras to sweeten the deal.
But then I think of something Tim said before about the right mentality to be in and a part of that was to not have a savings or penny pinching type of mentality and I realize that the purchase of say for example; Teekas $2500 offer which is cut by $500 really shouldn't have a bearing on your decision if the "future" you would look at such that amount of money as realitivly paltry.

Jayms Chow says:

I attend the webinar but I didn't got the Bitcoin

Dobrin Alexandrov says:

Charlie will you marry me ?

je vader says:

3:35 from exports hahah

asdfasdfsafdsfasdf says:

wow all this travelling, sports cars, supermodels, fancy hotels all off of 200k worth of trading profits. hmmm you sure know how to stretch that dollar don't you Tim cough cough 🙂

SilkSatin Paradise says:

For those who missed out on Bitcoin's run, there are still alternatives like Ethereum and Litecoin that are still under $1000

Nguyên says:

Tim, you need to stop bringing HOT bikini into your clip, because that raise my testosterone level to the roof.

Jose Rodriguez says:

Shes fine af

Oscar Hidalgo says:

how much did you pay for her speech?

King Cesar says:

I agree 100% with you!

GalloParkour says:

I've tried hard to find out if this guy is scam but I am really confident he isn't. A lot of these self help guys don't bring up the fact that you actually have to work hard to get to where you want. Tim says it in every video

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