How to Limit the Daily Profit & Loss on a NinjaTrader Strategy

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Hector and Michelle Mestril says:

Awesome Pablo!!!, Muchas Gracias.

Walter Rodriguez says:

Muchas Gracias por el video Pablo, lo tiene en espanol? Saludos

Jem Hudson says:

Hi Pablo , a really helpful video . Thank you . I've followed your instructions successfully which I am thrilled with as messing with the code is right out of my comfort zone! One thing I've noticed on testing my strategy with replay data is I think the pnl profit target waits for the open trade to close? ( my entries and exists are set to bar close as the default). I would really like it all to stop trading as soon as my profit target ( or loss ) is touched during the day .. can you advise how I may achieve this ? Many thanks again.

Ganesa Ponraja says:

Pablo gets how to do this initimately to the point that he is able to teach it well.

The video may be long, but the answer is there – you do get to limit your profit/loss on NT8 strategies with Pablo's system, but he also teaches you how to get there. A real teacher. Bravo!

oliflow says:

Dear Pablo! In my opinion you are actually the only source for specified solutions of Strategy Builder questions. You gave answers to questions which "non programmer" will ask regulary if they work with the "builder". Thank you for that! Is there a possibility without to unlock the code to manually re-activate a strategy if the daily limit or loss is reached?

Jokepie says:

thanks Pablo

peter myles says:

always so gratefull pablo, thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge.

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