How To Make $1,000 A Day Trading Stocks

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Kristen Kay says:

New subscriber here & new to trading. Really appreciate you sharing what you did at the end of your video

tot2600hrs says:

Niqqa, I listened to you buying dgaz and now Iโ€™m 4K in the hole. Quit promoting it before you explain what dgaz is all about. Itโ€™s a bet against natural gas.

Derrick Upshaw says:

Hey Ricky i love your videos. Is there a way you could teach all of this to someone who is a Complete beginner? Like a course or tutor step by step?

Ryder Bawn says:

You here in Arizona?

jordan klis says:

I have 200$ starting. What should I do to grow that

harith ravi says:

Which trading site are you using .please replay me

Nugget Survivel says:

What the name of the app that you are useing for the computer ??

Anthony Hurton says:

Love all these videos! So helpful

MrJules says:

You aim for 10-15% daily or weekly?

XinloveRyan Cynthiazhou says:

How to enroll live trading group? Thanks

davidsbeast1 says:

Your the shit!

T Fitz says:

What studies do you have turned on

Kevin Modise says:

Hey. Ricky i just started trading,but it's still confusing. So i would like to know where do i start and how i can understand it more.?.

Rahimjon Primov says:

What program does he use to buy and sell stocks

Serge Mikhalak says:

What's that Software Ricky uses for trading? Looking online but have no luck finding it, & I see it works with Apple

No Feeling says:

Damn I have no Idea whatโ€™s he saying POOR NIGGA PROBLEMS


trading platform??

Teoman Adacan says:

Guys soon I'll enroll myself to his trading training from Cyprus. I need someone to assist me during the registration process because I'm not US citizen, and they are asking too many technical questions which I dont know which one I should choose during that process. Is there anyone who's willing to help me? Thank you !

Paschal Ibenegbu says:

love your video man!

Siraj Qadir says:

Hey Ricky. Your videos are great. I also really enjoyed watching the live trading session today, and learned a lot from it.

I just have a quick suggestion. In order to facilitate your students and your fans to emphasize consistent profits as opposed to getting FOMO about making lots of money, I think that you should talk about your gains as daily percentage as opposed to amount of money you are making.

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