How To Make $1000+ Day Trading From Bed .. Trading The Stock Market

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How to make $1000 + in just under 30 minutes a day trading the stock market from home step by step. Today I want to walk you through my trade that I made along side my chat room Step by step LIVE. Learn how i trade & join the monopoly chat room

Day trading is a skill many can learn, with regards to the stock market it’s a volatile asset class, and emotions must be mastered in order to succeed in the long term day trading for a living.

Instagram @ Simplyzedd

Lean how to day trade the zed monopoly way

This tutorial will put your foot through the door when it comes to trading the stock market.

How to make money online trading stocks 2019
This will video is the same trade we made in the one you just watched.


Zed Monopoly says:

Full course and chat room here
Instagram @simplyzedd ( join your boi there you won’t regret it )
P.s don’t day trade if you’re attached to the money you’re willing to risk.

ankur chandel says:

Hey buddy what's the platform in this videos ??

Lexi Johnson says:

Is this guy trading in Europe, if so what trading platform does he use?

waffleman says:

Hey I’m 14 and I’m wondering if it’s worth to trade low amounts of money such as $50 and if so what companies and good to invest into

antisocial says:

what trading software is this?

Coffee Jack says:

Someone donate alcohol wipes to Zed so he can clean his nasty laptop.

VigO x says:

Why you hide the charts man!??

Jasmyn !!! says:

Stock trading has been a source of income even though I barely trade by myself.

jolly quim says:

I earn more than $1,000 daily by allowing forextradercoach on telegram to help me trade and manage my account daily.

Oscar Iglesias says:

Where can I find a demo to practice on the stock market?

enviso - investing says:

soon, i will make a video about "How To Make $1000+ Day Trading from toilet bowl….yeah says:

Oh please .. serious?!

天下乐娱 says:

everyday 1% annually 7 times, everyday 2% anually 52 times

Peter Patterson says:

Zed invests in his own buisnesses and joint ones he has on the market

Da Ch says:

Which Plattform is it That you use to trade?

James Davidson says:

Forex trading is the best place to invest your money and make good profits

Cool GUYkiller09 says:

The stock Market opens for me at 1:30 in the morning, I'll be tired as hell

just me says:

If you made 100K Euros in three months, why do you sell courses, instead of using your time for fun??

ZenBruh says:

“I’m looking for a good entry. I don’t look at the candle sticks, I focus on price action”. You can easily spot a pull back by looking at the candle sticks.

Fiona says:

Woow that house

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