How To Make $1000+ In 5 Minutes EVERY DAY ??Trading Stocks For Beginners 2019

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How to make $1000+ in 5 minutes a day trading stocks LIVE. This trade was so quick we came out with $1100 profit in just 4 minutes shorting this stock/penny stocks. Live Day trading tutorial for beginners

3 in 1 stock course + private stock group

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Zed Monopoly says:

Trading tutorial for beginners
Instagram @ Simplyzedd

Vikas31 Chopra says:

What platform did you use buddy ?

Haitian Trader says:

can someone tell me witch broker is that please?

james dean says:

When you short stock don't you have to cover what you shorted? Can you do a vid or explain that boss? Thanks for your time champ.

multi millionaire says:

hi zed.. what platform are you using only info i found you did suretrader video last year.. looks like different platform in video. .. buying course before 15th also.. thanks for video.. im in iceland so can i use this ?

james dean says:

How you feeling? I be looking forward to your vids Boss Hawg.

onepiecexx toriko says:

I live in the UK but it doesn’t show where the market will start or how much it’s up by already. Even google doesn’t show it. Is this only available in the US market

carlos martin says:

my man pretty soon hoping to be like u brotha lol


Thanks for this one Zed

viktor domnik says:

How much money do you need to start?

Liuv Suarez says:

Great video bro.

mr lotfy says:

essalamo alaikom dear brother zed, I think you're flu, I wish you a good recovery,so thank you very much dear brother for all efforts you do for the followers, much success because you déserve more and better love you brother

Jamie Gallagher says:

i'm finally in the green zone after fallen back for a month <3

rory quijs says:

Hello ! First of all i want to thank you for your free content ! And i have bought your course this week . I must say it is the best course i bought ! Your way is the best way for me . 105 Euro well spend ! Wish you a nice day .

Momentum Day trader says:

Not again Zed. C’mon man, lets cut out the crap and enjoy the last day of EPL.

NightMist says:


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