How To Make $1000+ per Day With Penny Stocks In 2018 | How To Day Trade

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In this video I will show you how you can make $1000 + a day in 1 hour Online by trading penny stock. In 2018 you have found my channel and on this channel there is nothing but the truth and honesty in these video’s.

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What you will need to get started trading penny stocks.
1.Brokerage account
2. Education
3. Lump Sump.

Private mentor-ship and course available with me email (

How to day trade penny stocks for beginners explained:

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SxyGrl44 says:

This is my first time trading and I bought Imgn and it spiked like you said and idk what I was thinking (greed) but I didn’t sell and it dropped like madd!! I’m so stressed out!!

Connor macandrew says:

If you have 1000shares and the stock doesn't have huge volume then your trade won't be placed for a while. Then would it not sell for less than 3.61$? I use degiro and orders take a while. Do you use market price or limit order to get out?

Josh Samuel says:

Jesus loves you.

Than Chau says:

Hi Zaid you spend sooo much time to help someone to profitable in stocks trading. God bless you sir

Gigi says:

We all love you Zaid. Thx for your help.

SxyGrl44 says:

Do I sell the penny stock before 4pm when the stock market closes?

WielkieAmerykańskieShow zobacz film na kanale says:

fuck that, if i will want to play some of that games i will go to casino.

Zigs Z says:

what brokeage do you use to day trade?

SimpleTycoon says:

Heard about ktov from you, and made 32% on my trade. I did buy before the approval, so there was a risk, but I had a feeling they would get it. Thanks!

Nate J says:

great content ,advice and teachings Zaid, have just liked and subscribed, and about to start trading. I am in New Zealand and am keen to join your mentorship, have I missed out, as there is no visible link? keen to join the community bro, thanks. Nate.

Brian Kelley says:

Come to Las Vegas for a live trading session, would love to hang out, I'm currently disabled with Kidney disease so time isn't on my side. love the videos and keep "HODLIN4LIFE"

Martie Muhsfeldt says:

What was the iPhone app you displayed.

Chowder 007 says:

I love the trade, I like the risk, I have made some transactions with coins of privacy, do you know any anonymous cryptocurrency and privacy, some project? to make a long-term trade?

Maria Rangel says:

Thank you Zaid. Appreciate my boyfriend Liuv telling me about you. Come to Chicago. Please.

El Pollo says:

Is it me or has Samsung electronics spiked repeatedly from 44 to 2k or am I reading it wrong I’m new to this and just read the charts and stuff on my phone

Ahmed M says:

Zaid when did kitov release news?! I have been waiting for 3 days and they havent released anything on their website. The last press release was on May11th. I was waiting to trade it. Where did you get the news from?

Eduard Giurgea says:

Zaid what do you think of ig trader? I know you recommend suretrader for uk and europe but i don't think i am advanced enough for it atm. So beginner friendly, ig trader, plus500, degiro?

Vovan Bosse says:

I think many of you want to drive a cool car, drink elite whisky and have a rest with pretty girls) Money is the thing that makes us who we are)) this year Telegram token can make you rich

Marcus Sangster says:

Great job thanks

cliff cox says:

Thanks man, I've gone through the first course.

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