How To Make $1,000 To $3,000 Per Day Trading Penny Stocks

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Register for this free webinar at as my top students and I are making a solid four figure “salary” every few days by knowing these patterns inside and out…they keep happening, but the question is are you prepared?

0:10 I just locked in nearly $1,000 before the stock market opened because I was prepared.

2:00 Canada is legalizing weed in June that means people are buying stocks in anticipation of that. Sign up for the free webinar to learn more about pot stocks.

4:00 I like being able to lock in $1,000 before the stock market opens because I’m busy, but because I know the patterns inside and out I am prepared and I can make trades and lock in earnings.

6:00 Look at CNET – do you hear any anger in my voice? I still profited, I still made a good trade.

8:00 It takes time to learn and understand the patterns you have to stick with me, you have to trust me. It doesn’t happen overnight, you must study, you must learn the stock market patterns.

9:30 Leave a comment under the video if you understand the lesson, sign up for the webinars and learn how to make $1,000 to $3,000 a day.


Sreten Ninkovic says:

all stocks what Tim mention drop down next day…. hmmm… who make money on them?! good job Tim

habesha channel says:

I will be prepared

Egwin Tocha says:

What's your take in PURA?

Aretheaus Lopez says:

Tim, what is the title of Huddie's interview?

Young Trader says:

made $655 today. My live day trading videos up, check it out

M C says:

I will be prepared

Kfc Specialist says:

I will be prepared

Mark A Hernandez says:

Where do I begin?? I'm totally brand spanking new to this but have an itch to try this!! Tim I saw a post on fb with Steve Harvey and I came to YouTube to see if you are real!!
Is there an app or something to get started with you or website I can join??


Richard Jenkins says:

Hi Tim, love the video. I had a question–I've always wanted to learn to trade and I would love to get started, but I'm an absolute noob with stocks and have no idea where to begin. Where would you recommend learning the basics of trading?

Frank Danna says:

Thanks Tim!

Julianto Julianto says:

I will be prepared!

ngethe kinyanjui says:

I will be prepared.

Roland Parks says:

I will be pre-paid..

Mark Cox JR says:

Love your stuff! You have been a role model to me and I have to give you credit for all of my success!

ivan alejandro dudek says:

Hello Timothy, I am 13 years old, you are my inspiration, for now, forex trading has taken place because I have little capital but I will soon be trading shares. I speak to you from the translator why I do not speak English, I speak Spanish. I want to learn English and thus be your student. Then I'll see you soon!

Andrea Comelli says:

I will be prepared! Thank you Tim!

Zafra Jr says:

I will be prepared

Les White says:

You will be prepared

LampOfMagic says:

thank you tim good video.

Nhincaigi says:

may i ask this. stocktotrade is monthly only, so i do not have to pay for each trade?

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