How To Make 1000% Trading Penny Stocks On Robinhood

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How To Make 1000% Trading Penny Stocks On Robinhood:
In this video I share how it is possible to make upwards of 1000% on a “penny stock” trade on Robinhood. While you probably hear these types of numbers get thrown around a lot when it comes to trading, I wanted to show you what really goes into this type of trade and if it is really possible to do. While I am not saying that penny stocks are the answer and the key to becoming a successful trader, I do want to share the potential that they have, why they have this potential, and how you can position yourself to get a piece of the action while keeping your risk low.

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Thomas Carvo says:

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Matt ttt says:

How do you research these? Like your obviously not looking at every micro cap company’s news 24/7

D H says:


vinnyisntgud says:

Risk management shouldnt be based on feel. This is directed at everyone, have an IRONED OUT risk management system. You need it to be foolproof, and backed by statistics

Benjamin TM says:

suggestion : daily suggestions of penny stocks to buy

J YH says:

Always talking Ifs and Maybes.. it’s cool. But Probably and Maybe Not usually go the other way.

Please teach us about risk management and how to place stop loss orders. Thank you.

Milone Money Mindset says:

Nice video man! Yah you can make crazy returns with penny stocks. There’s a a lot of risk but a lot of return. Nice share man!!

Steven Soto says:

The market was BANANAS today ! I was out

102mf says:

Low floats can absolutely fly. Big time gains once traders get behind them

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