How To Make $1000+ Trading Stocks Like $PLAG $ESEA | How To Trade 101

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Charlie goes over how he made over $1000 in profits on PLAG (Planet Green Holdings) and ESEA (Euroseas Ltd) this week.

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Trimmed Transcript:
The first trade is PLAG. PLAG had a huge price extension a week ago, which we covered and i’ll link to that video in the description. But anyways, the SEC later halted it after it portrayed a solid staircase pattern and of course after the halt people panicked and sold out and we saw a massive dip of the stock price. I talk a lot about how people tend to oversell or overbuy news and this was a perfect example of this.

Today, people realized that the stock was oversold and we saw the stock price reverse. Now, we were watching this premarket due to the vocality this last week and once we saw the momentum building and it struck past the SMA line we bought in. This was at about 5.17 a share. We rode the wave a bit and then when we saw the price cut back we held until it recovered back to previous resistance. Now, we could have held longer but as a conservative investor its better to cut profits and we had already seen the price extend to that resistance level so we felt confident selling out at that point. Now, if we had held as the price was making new highs, we wouldn’t have a previous pattern of resistance for the morning to go off of and thus the pattern would be less reliable as we’d have to look back to yesterday’s resistance which the price had failed to extend to. Thus, the safest bet as to seal off our profits for the day.

Anyways, I also want to cover a trade we did yesterday on ESEA that I wasn’t able to review yesterday because of school. Due to the fact that we sold it yesterday that gains aren’t shown here but i’ll add the profit picture when I edit this video. we started watching ESEA after noticing an increase in momentum and price extension premarket. After market open, it took a bit of a dip and then continued to bounce off the SMA line for a while. Once we saw it dip into undersold territory on the RSI, we took a position. We held for a while, probably a bit too much but once we saw a reversal beginning and momentum decreasing we sold our position. Now, this wasn’t a perfect trade but the reason it was successful is for several reasons. One, we bought near day-long support which also had a lot of upward growth potential due to the fact that it had just dipped and was in the overbought category. And second, we sold out right when we spotted the reversal happening instead of holding on the way down. Of course, if we held we would still have made a profit but that won’t always be the case and Ziptrader is all about being consisntetly profitable.

I’m sure we will also get a lot of comments that will be like “you suck at trading why didn’t you hold until 3.87” and the reason is because its impossible to time price extensions and even if we got away with it on this trade, sloppy trading strategies will eventually eat into your profits.


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Nathan Ussery says:

OTC $BSTN shippers are going nuts!

Melody Malloy says:

I love the modern age, never before you could make 1000 sitting on a desk

Marion Kessler says:

Green days are always fun keep it up

Lolita Beier says:

Can you make 1k on robinhood???

Francesca Nicolas says:

Good video dude and congrats on the profit!

Elisabeth Graham says:

This video was very informative, thanks

Domenic Homenick says:

What platform do you use to trade zip

Margie Beier says:

This guy only slightly knows what hes talking about, if you want a real trader go to warrior trading.

Destiny Harvey says:

#charliesucks 1000 is literally what i flush down my toilet everyday

Leo Clements says:

This is a solid profit for two days of work, I've been scraping by at around 300-400 a day but its a living

Lincoln Skiles says:

PLAG has been one heck of a ride lol

Marlene Randall says:

What I dont get about daytraders is why share your strategies if they are so successful.

Blair Willms says:

Are you trading TLRY still? I've been holding it since the boom

Anthony Denson says:

where did you learn to trade? I've been watching a lot of vids on youtube and ur vids are super informative

Callum Bradley says:

Charlie you can wear a suit, make thousands of dollars, but that doesn't mean trading is a real job

Leon Stewart says:

ESEA is too volatile, I'm gonna be watching plag though

Deontae Collins says:

Thank u for getting rid of the annoying Zip intro

Timothy Clark says:

What do you mean by staircase pattern?

Hallie Reilly says:

I really like the suit look brah

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