How To Make $100K Trading Options

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The strategy I used to make well over $100k trading options, the logic behind it and how you can replicate it. When it comes to making this large of an amount, this isn’t going to happen through day trading or weekly options, more so swing trading the longer term options. It does require some fundamental analysis but as you see it is somewhat simple, just got to be in tune with the market and what certain companies are doing. The biggest error you will probably make is over paying for your options or not scaling in and getting ahead of yourself. Like I said, to really succeed at this you have to let the opportunity come to you, an if its not this year its usually a 2 year cycle for companies to come out of the woodworks!

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Adam Wood says:

My dude 🙏🏽 brand new Kia’s for everyone #UncAnswers

Hulk Trader says:

Would you buy a call deep OTM or would you pick a strike that is close to the current price

Robert says:

Great informative video, currently trading options for a year and haven't heard of the black scholes model! Looks like the weekend will consist of this model! Thank you Josh!

Sam Riesling says:

Hey man I love your videos. Could you possibly do a video of the criteria you look for in evaluating companies for longer term investments? Thanks again and keep up the videos.

L. Jermaine Russell says:

SPOT and WTW chart wise looks really good. I'm casually learning options as I day trade. Great explanation….I hope my strategy is adaptable to options trading. Thank you so much.

Oscar Bautista says:

Any videos you recommend to read SEC filings correct and how to use it to your advantage to understanding what way a company might go

DomRamzes says:

The main question I have is how to know what the price of your call would be? If you shoot to low then the price of the stock could exceed your call and then your call would remain worthless wouldn’t it? So how high should you price your call?

Omar Arteaga says:

What are your thoughts on California splitting up into three different states?

Jeffrey F says:

how would figure out the price of the call you want?

D B says:

Wish, Pinterest just to make a few , I think it might be one of these companies that’s has to do with robotic Technology, self driving cars etc.. something that’s going to play a major key to that whole movement

Fncy _ says:

Feel like any cannabis Company wouldnt be bad

daniel mendoza says:

can you make a video that explains youe trading plan and when to take profits. something that im struggling emotionally right now is that whenever i make a good play and it hits 40-50% i want more out of it so i wait for a “bag” and it either goes with me or against me and i start losing money. im trying to stay disciplined but obviously greed takes over me at times

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