How To Make £124.08 In 30 Minutes Day Trading The DAX

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In this video I record my screen whilst trading my mechanical, rule-based DAX strategy live, right in front of you, walking you through the whole process.

All we do each morning is await our setup, execute in the direction of our target, and walk away – I explain where our target is each day along with the parameters of the setup we look for when I teach the strategy – One trade each morning, it really is that simple.

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The things that hold most traders back are having no strategy, a lack of confidence or a real belief in their approach, and human emotion. I use black and white data directly from the market itself [That I spend weeks and months building and compiling] to instil the confidence needed to trade with success and most importantly consistency, along with completely removing emotion by implementing a simple set of rules that couldn’t be simpler to follow.

My DAX day trading strategy is completely mechanical and is designed to remove emotion, prediction and guesswork from trading. I initially noticed a recurring price behaviour within the market and after a couple of months of digging deeper into the behaviour itself and the data I realised that it was happening regularly. With lots of testing, disappointments, setbacks and constant trial and error, I finally managed to design the successful and consistent strategy that you see me trading live in this video.

This strategy is perfect for those of us who have work, a day job or a business to run outside of trading and those of us who just want to take one early-morning trade and simply let it run. “Set it and forget it”.

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