How to make 2 weeks salary day trading the DAX in 1 hour

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The best strategy for daytrading the DAX on the European open. Instagram@sambora.00


Yvonne B says:

Great vid!! Encouraging and inspiring 🙌

alan alan says:

it's a decent return, Sambora. you made almost 3 weeks salary for many people in the morning. keep it up

middlesbrough123 says:

How much cash were in for to gain that ?

QC says:

Hey Sambora. Amazing stuff! What was your position size on these trades? 🙂

David O'BRIEN says:

Hey Boss you make it look so easy!Top course, top education on indices.Life changing course!

Tri'Sha J. says:

Sambora 🥊🔥 I can't wait til next weeks video. You inspire me sir! Thank you💙

Chris Light says:

Another great video. 👍👍

Ryan Cooper says:

Which brokerage is this he is using for the premarket ??

manne kokkonen says:

Nice vid!…this looks so easy!! It's not, takes lots of practice and training to be able to have this result in trading…88% is just awesome, not many can show that kind of percentage!!


sambora can you please genuinely say the truth. out of say 20 trades how many would be losses for you…

Ross Behan says:

Good stuff Sambora

Daniel McCartney says:

Thank you Sambora for another great video. Really appreciate the effort you put in for producing informative and quality content 👍

Benji says:

What does "space" mean?

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