How To Make $2,000 Per Day…Is That Enough For You?

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The secret of my success and my top students’ success is to make roughly this figure on our trades as it adds up over time, save 35-70% off at during our Christmas/Chanukah blowout holiday sale! Please also support this great trader’s aunt whatever you can do is appreciated!


Stephen Good says:

Hope to one day hit $2000 a day. As of now while I build I shoot for 35% increase per trade. I have started watching your videos after continuing to lose money on each stock. I took a few months off from trading and watched dozens of your youtube videos, I now trade looking for a 35% profit but will sale for less. So far, These days I make between 15% to 35% with on a rare Occasion hitting for up to 80% Thank you Timothy Sykes

Fadi Abouabsi says:

wouldnt it make sense to buy 300k shares, and then when it goes up, dump it?

Fadi Abouabsi says:

its takes 2,750 a day to make a million a year!

Fadi Abouabsi says:

lol i have painkiller addictions but my ROR is 60% lol

Fadi Abouabsi says:

do you feel depleating  shares before the new year is key? ive noticed alot that in beginning of year stocks drop

BOBBY HARMON [N4L] Nursing4Life says:

How do you like VBIO going into Monday? Buy before open or wait for a dip?

Riley Hood says:

Tim teach me your ways. I would do anything to be making 2000 a day even 1000 a day would be amazing or even just close to that

Sibusiso Sikhosana says:

$2000 is amazing

Jeromy Davis says:

$2000 a day?!? Hell, I'd be happy with $200 a day.

Act aeon says:

$2000 is really good… ebt

Zaid Alchalabi says:

its hard to aim for daily goal
monthly better
im usually at 15k/month
but thats less than 1k/avg
2k/day avg would be near 45k which would be amazing

Joseph Carlisi Jr says:

2000 is fine with me

TheTraveler says:

$2000 per day is $40,000 per month! of course it is darn good. But the key is consistency, is 2k per day EVERYDAY realistic???

Michael Banks says:

$2000 hell yeah a day I make 500 a week

Chase Berry says:

$2000 a day is real good could use a little help just got an E*TRADE account and needing help on which company's to follow

SuperherosTV says:

nice life balance lesson at the end (Y)

SuperherosTV says:

Yeah, I would love to earn 2k on a day :)

Tony Deese says:

$2,000 ill take it

Nathaniel Wilson says:

Tim is it okay to just look at the top market gainers and trade the top 5 to 10? Ive been paper trading like this for a while and it seems to be working well.

rick houston says:


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