How To Make 2018 Your Best Year

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Take advantage of my blowout holiday sale at study up and get ready for the grind as the key to success is that this is a marathon NOT a sprint and as you can see from so many of my top students and their record profits lately, this is a VERY hot market so learn to take advantage of it ASAP

Here are some stock market strategies to help you make more money in 2018. I’m here to teach you how to trade penny stocks, are you ready?

0:37 There is so much opportunity in the stock market right now.
0:47 Tim Grittani made over 2 million dollars in 2017
1:10 I want you guys to be better traders in the world. I had a pretty good year making over a quarter million dollars this year.
9:53 You have to learn the process first before you can really make money on the stock market
10:10 That’s why I’m so excited because so many of my students are really starting to make money in the market now
11:24 Everyone becomes disciplined in different ways.
11:33 Check out the Timothy Sykes effect: The effect is that you will study your ass off to become successful in the stock market. It’s YOU VERSUS You
13:30 Blockchain is what’s hot right now…but it doesn’t really matter. Once you learn the patterns, you can truly learn how to take advantage of the patterns. Take advantage of the patterns.
19:44 Protect yourself first, then worry about hitting the home run in the market. Protect your blindside first by cutting losses quickly
20:05 Learn how to practice over and over again. Understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint.


Aung Khant Nyar says:

2018 is my year to dominate.

Rick Sanchez says:

All years from now are my trading years

Tabz Wachanga says:

If i paid for your lessons would it be possible to trade on the us stocks if you aren't a citizen n do not live in the us?

Faith Hughes says:

2018 is my year

Brad Mann says:

2018 is MY YEAR!
Hitting the books and videos with a Hedgehammer!!!!!

Carlos Andujar says:

2018 is my year. You Better Believe it!

NeedlezX says:

2018 will be my year.

Kelsey Richards says:

2018 is my year!!!

Octo Gamer says:

2018 is my year.

C-R. Alyxander says:

Hey Tim, I'm TRULY inspired by this video, especially having a military and athletic background where the day in the life of both are nothing but discipline, learning, and grind (every single day). I'm very interested in learning your material, to create the life I desire through trading, though I don't have all of the cash to get started in the challenge. How do you recommend I best get started from this "gutter" phase, with no prior trading knowledge/experience?

Kouakou Watts 58 says:

2018 is my year

SoundScoutOne says:

2018 is my year!!

Ivan Cupido says:

2018 is my year

Ruben e says:

2018 is my year…….thanks

Mario Valdés Medina says:

What's the best broker u recommend to open an account at 10K??? if it's IB my odds of success are high?? Im scared!!

Molk1234 says:


Ivan Ivanov says:

2018 is my year Men

Billy says:

2018 is my year for sure

Sayge Robarge says:

2018 is my year!

Justin Ward says:

2018 IS MY YEAR!!!

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