How To Make $2,200 in Two Hours Trading Stock Options | Stock Trading for Beginners

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In this video I go over a stock options day trade that I placed in which I was able to make a $2,200 profit in less than two hours in the stock market. If you have any questions or comments please drop them in the comment section below or feel free to email me at

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Micah Willis says:

People on this page have been complaining that he does actually "teach" or explain why he gets into trades… He gives away little tips without even saying it. Pay attention to his red trend lines in the post and pre market, those are his entry/stop & exit points. This man keeps it simple, no MACD RSI OSCILLATOR VWAP EMA crossover analysis. He does this in a lot of videos, just trying to help out!

Robert Anthony says:

Thanks for these daily recap!

Pablo Nahmias says:

What's the name of the system you use to trade?

Jesrin Redulla says:

Keep up the Great work !!

Geo Mesa says:

This is what you call versatility, went long calls in the middle of a crisis where everyone is panicking losing everything, selling their house to pay margin calls lol, glad I learned from the best 👌🏼😎

Trading Explained Easy says:

heavy video! Keep blasting! Also I want to be friends xD

DetroitFury says:

This man is Always providing value over here!!! Great video brotha!!

esai de casas says:

when its a video from bijan, i press like before watching, gotta support my local rancho trader

XimerTracks - Sub To Me says:

Here before 9000 subscribers. Please make More. i really want to be youtube friends x3

California comedy says:

Hey bijan great vid thanks! I bought your course 4 months ago and iv went thru it a few times but my dumbass would have bought puts when the price broke that support line after testing it 3 times then breaking through with a little retest up. I dont want to be "spoon fed" but what did you see diffrent there? I cought a nice $440 on the morning selloff thanks to your stategys tho. Thanks bijan!

Tem says:

cool content

Tem says:

nice video keep up the great content

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