How To Make $23,000 In 2 Hours (New Live Trade Video)

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This is why you MUST watch the new 16-hour ‘Trading Tickers’ DVD study guide that’s $1,000 off for just the next 48 hours, there’s over 35 live trades & shows EXACTLY how he’s turned $1,500 into $2.7 million in 4 years…step-by-step


Stockafella says:


John Best says:

Handled like a Boss!

RaphiEntertain says:

great lesson from tim g. thank you

Alexandro McNamee says:

What does SHRT, CXL, and RPL stands for?

TheVulcanTrader says:

WOW, This is just too awesome. every time i see one of his videos i answer myself a lot of questions I previously had. You Awesomer Tim G

zsdg15 says:

How can you short penny stocks if it is not allowed?

karl cunningham says:

you like to take on a lot of risk

Beautiful Creative says:

What a fantastic video Grittani! Wow!

VigilasOfSweden says:

Wich program is this?

Adlin Ling says:

Good stuff!!

Kristian Matz says:

What trading software is this???

thee2nd says:

In the beginning he talks about some kind of Scanner he uses does anyone know which one he uses ?

Ksenia Asatryan says:

Awesome trade and I admire your self control.

KiDz Sentiment says:

hey guys what happens and what is included in the pennystocking silver course?does it help you? im a beginner, sorry for interuption.

Ian Smith says:

take all my money!!

Hendrix Makesusuccessful Moore says:

Fantastic video on scaling in and out with size.

DoseOf Fousey says:

I turner $1 into 9 million in 2 weeks

Theo says:

Short question : Would you Choose Penny Stocks over CFDS and if yes why?

Andrés says:

Okay whats the plan if the stock spikes to 4.50

master muffin123 says:

what brokers does he use? i see thinkorswim and suretrader is that correct?

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