How To Make $300+ In 10 Minutes EVERY DAY Trading Stocks For Beginners 2019

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How to make $300+ EVERY DAY in 10 minutes trading stocks. Day Trading tutorial below

3 in 1 stock course on how you can do the same thing

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Zed Monopoly says:

Day trading tutorial before you watch this video, watch til the end to find out why I'm not doing anymore live trades.
if you're using my strategy , the course will accelerate your profitability curve

Aliana De Al says:

Hello Zed , where are you ?? we are missing you so much in the other channel , hope you upload very very soon there.

Carlos Ellis says:

Anyone know how to get in his discord chat?

fogorto De gado says:

Zed please don't stop making these videos, i learn from each one of those videos

healthy cherie says:

Thank very much I am new and I am learning a lot from your you.

Lisa Jay says:

Hi everyone, I am a new trader in penny stocks and I don't make money but two friends are in forex traders and they make money. it's hard to see that and I don't know what to do?? ( and don't get me wrong, I love them…..

Brock Turkoglu says:

Hey Zed! Great videos! Can you recommend any online brokers for Canadians ?

Mark Riddle says:

I see lots of stocks do the opposite on earnings announcements. I guess maybe just cause your in and out in 10mins. And look for pre market strength. Thats the winning formula.

Shags b says:

Nice job!!
I made a nice profit shorting the pullback on this stock last night.

Liuv Suarez says:

Best decision so far was learning to trade.

Romeo Lives says:

The best training tutorial and mentor ever! Hair cut looking good brother! We love you Zaid!

Anatoli Ivanov says:

You are amazing!

Jan Španěl says:

what broker are you using?

Tom Van Egmond says:

Thanks for the video man

If i buy your course does it also include how to analise how much a stock will go up/dlwn in value and when to play the pullbacks?

Crypto Richard says:

I feel like you are giving too much of the live trades and people around aren't taking it serious

Crypto Richard says:

holy moly Zed! way to go man?


500 shares x $64.00 = $32,000!!!!

mr lotfy says:

essalamo alaikom dear zed, you did well to take care of yourself, very happy for you my brother, love you dear zed , good night

PoloPolo 1997 says:

great job man

Brice Dowd says:

what site is he using to trade with?

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