How To Make $400 A Day Trading Stocks

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KingOG says:

Although I am 13, I was trying to learn many different methods of how to make money and this just seems the most confusing to me…

Sambath says:

Robinhood is only for us resident. Anyone know anyone like Ricky but is Australia base?

Rezky Jamil says:

How do I start doing this?

h0neybee77 says:

This is a really cool idea thanks for doing it. 🙂

HD كاس العالم says:

Can anyone please help me and tell me where I can do day trade without being restricted because I’ve using Robinhood for a while and I cannot do day trades because I only have $2000 in my account and they require $25000 at least to do day trades.


Hey man! I’m in Mesa Arizona! I don’t know if you meet people to show them how anything works if so that would be great! Always wanted to know how everything works and how to get started! Let me know! Thank you!

Rah says:

u dont need to record the chat because it shows up

Rick J says:

Good Vid… 1 off topic QU. what software do you use to record your screen?

Anna Malkovych says:

Hmm, that is so weird, the dude is sooo … well.. normal.. not stuck up at all. I am impressed by the personality rather than just his skills.

Anthony Dawson says:

How can I invest in real estate?

Mi nombre es Mig says:

how do I get in the discord chat ?

Frank Ramirez says:

Was that 11k a day from the interview all from trading or did your online business have something to do from it?

McNasty Nationwide says:

How much did you have to invest to make $400 profit?

IndianLover4you69 says:

This is stressful.

Kevin Garcia says:

Hey Ricky how do you stay organized and manage your day? Any apps or software to keep you on top of things? Also any tips or strategies for this?:)

Masta says:

Those solid red lines… are those just on whole dollar values or do you draw them or is it a specific indicator?

Jay Barbier says:

Jubilee interview a must watch

Bill McGroarty says:

Wow Ricky is human after all
Not just a trading machine

Jamal Accra says:

I live in Gilbert 🙃🙃

Kaiya says:

U need to slow down how fast you speak it’s hard to keep up

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